Urban Death Extended at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
Theatre gods be praised! Urban Death, one of our favorite shows so far this year is getting extended! Zombie Joe’s Underground’s all-new signature horror-theatre spectacular that dives deep into the depths of inexplicable horrors, unfathomable monstrosities, and the disturbed spirits that walk among us! We reviewed the show here... Read more
Urban Death Makes Diabolical Return to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood is one of the single most important performance spaces in Los Angeles. The bland storefront along Lankershim Boulevard isn’t much to look at really. One would never guess that it was home to one of the most shocking, moving, startling performance pieces of... Read more
Zombie Joe’s URBAN DEATH Returns April 1st, NO JOKE!
That dark spot in North Hollywood’s arts district is growing. No, that isn’t an illusion. It’s theatre master Zombie Joe creating another soul-quaking edition of his signature show, Urban Death which will open Saturday, April 1st at 11:00pm.   One of the most important members of the theatre and... Read more
Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour of Terror Provocative, Haunting, Ghoulish
Nestled in an unassuming storefront along busy Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood sits one of the most twisted haunts for 2016.  If you were to judge it from the outside, the simple banner, Z.J.U. above the entrance and a smattering of playbills plastered on the blacked windows out front,... Read more
“Urban Death” Bares All For Midsummer Scream
Zombie Joe’s Underground’s signature show, “Urban Death” was placed front-and-center at Midsummer Scream’s convention this weekend. Just to the left of check in, the line for the show built up before each performance as audiences eagerly anticipated what was to be found behind the doors. Building on the suspense... Read more
Urban Death Classic Edition is a Return to Form
Urban Death has been resurrected for a limited run as part of the ZJU Fringe and it is a return to form for the show. The previous annual run of the show, which ran the month of May, was enjoyable to be sure, but it had lost the aggressive... Read more
Classic Urban Death Returns to Zombie Joe’s
The one show that you need to see every year is Urban Death at Zombie Joe;’s Underground Theatre. Sadly that show ended a successful, 4 week run last week. What is a horror theatre fan to do? We have spectacular news. As part of Zombie Joe’s second annual Underground Fringe... Read more
Urban Death is Coming Back April 29th
One of our very favorite theatre experiences in Los Angeles is returning April 29th. Urban Death is coming home to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre, exploring the human condition in ways that are haunting, terrifying, perplexing, and even moving.  The Group’s signature horror production goes for the jugular, diving deep into the depths of ALL-NEW... Read more
Audition for Urban Death at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
There are few pieces of theatre more fearless than Zombie Joe’s signature show Urban Death.  Every year Zombie unleashes an unparalleled journey into the absurd with this signature show.  As with every show, the theatre group is looking for a few more monsters to flesh out the cast. Urban Death,... Read more
Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour of Terror 2015
My wife and I read a review of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater production of Urban Death several years ago. Being huge horror fans we were intrigued enough to drive out to North Hollywood for one of the midnight showings. The tiny theater simply adorned with ZJU is almost impossible... Read more