SXSW Film Festival Announces Inaugural Vr Programs
Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are finding new ways to enhance our ability to perceive the world that surrounds us, and in many instances they are redefining how we experience the world. The 38 projects presented in the new SXSW Virtual Cinema emphasize storytelling, ingenuity and also showcase how... Read more
Submissions Open for VR Kaleidoscope Showcase 2
Submissions are officially open for the Kaleidoscope Showcase Vol. 2, a community-driven gathering for local VR creators to share their work, receive feedback from peers, and experience their Official Selection of groundbreaking, new projects. Submissions are open until February 1st and you can apply here. They are also looking for... Read more
The Dark Ride Project is Preserving History
For as long as I can remember, dark rides at theme parks have been a crucial part of my childhood. I loved visiting Fantasyland at Walt Disney World, and seeing the stories come to life. In addition, I spent many years going to local fairs and smaller amusement parks... Read more
HHN Orlando Develops Augmented Reality Experience
Limited-Time, Halloween Horror Nights Attraction Will Blend Physical Environments, Real-Life Characters and Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality into an Interactive Paranormal Experience Always on the cutting-edge of  horrifying experiences and haunted events, Universal Orlando Resort is unveiling a  terrifying – interactive experience that will blend custom virtual reality technology with real-life... Read more
Experiencing “The Strain” and Discovering VR’s Terrifying Potential
VR has captured the imaginations of the HorrorBuzz team. It’s easy for us to see the potential VR has for the horror industry, and the more projects we see the more excited we become. Andrew Cochrane and the Mirada team working on “The Strain” VR Experience At a meetup... Read more
Interview with Erin Reynolds, founder of Nevermind
After experiencing the amazing virtual reality game, Nevermind, which debuted at ScareLA this a few weekends ago, I was inspired to write a review of the experience while HorrorBuzz’s Jeff took a look at the panel. After the fact, as luck would have it, I was able to speak to the... Read more
Virtual Reality in Horror: FX’s The Strain VR Experience and Beyond
Virtual Reality (VR) was the new hot item at San Diego Comic 2015. Legendary, SyFy, and Conan were all handing out the new Google Cardboard by the truckload. Legendary using it to promote the new Warcraft and Crimson Peak movies, SyFy using it to promote their new show The... Read more
Oculus Rift Experience: Nevermind debut at ScareLA
3D, Virtual Reality, Immersive Experiences, and HorrorBuzz
(or how I learned to stop worrying and watch 3D Videos on my Smartphone) When television started to threaten movie producers, film technologists went to extremes to try and ensure audiences packed into movie houses for the latest immersive experiences. Some films stretched around the viewers like Vista... Read more