TWIN PEAKS: Come on Audrey, You Know I Don’t Have a Crystal Ball

TWIN PEAKS: Come on Audrey, You Know I Don’t Have a Crystal Ball

For this week, I am still hoping to see Big Ed and or Audrey.  I just feel like by this episode, it should happen that one or both will show up.   It feels like we are running out of time to be able to fit them into this story that is taking place.   We are only 6 episodes to the end!   And what an ending I am predicting it will be.   Not that I know how it will end, just that I am certain it will be a big one.

Twin Peaks: The Return Part 12

Blue RoseAgents Gordon Cole (David Lynch), Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer), and Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) are sitting together at the Mayfair Hotel in Buckhorn, SD sharing a bottle of wine from Gordon’s own collection. Albert begins explaining Project Blue Book to Tammy. He tells her it was shut down, officially, in 1970 after determining that there was no credible evidence had been found. A few years later the military and FBI formed a top secret task force to examine some of the troubling abstractions that Project Blue Book failed to resolves. The task force was called Blue Rose. The name coming from the final words of a dying woman in one these cases.

Gordon put Phillip Jeffries in charge with Albert and Chet Desmond soon coming on board along with Cooper. Albert points out that he is the only one who has yet to disappear without explanation. Until tonight Gordon has been apprehensive about bringing new agents into Blue Rose but now they want Tammy to join. Albert tells her how they have been watching her since high school, through MIT and Quantico. She excitedly accepts. They toast to her joining Blue Rose.

Gordon gets a text from Diane (Laura Dern) that she’s on her way to join them. Moments later she arrives though the curtain door of the room. She fixes herself a drink. Albert tells Diane that they would like to deputize her because of her experience with Cooper and her more than passing knowledge of Blue Rose. She ponders for a moment and then agrees by saying “Let’s rock.”

They just told us what Blue Rose means!!! This totally makes sense why in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Chester could not tell Sam what the Blue Rose meant being Sam was not one of the agents assigned to the task force. There is so much that just happened in that scene alone that we as fans have been waiting 25 years to find out. I also feel like with bringing Tammy along on this case now, she will be provided the dossier soon.  You know the one, the Secret History of Twin Peaks. I am also questioning why Tammy has been on their radar since high school. I can understand college, however it’s not like there is FBI Club in high school. And then there is Diane. What is going on with her?  Who is she in cahoots with via those text messages. And what knowledge does she have about Blue Rose? She did not look super excited to be deputized and or to help. 

In a wide open meadow in Twin Peaks, a still lost Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) comes running out of the woods.

Jerry!!! I knew you were still alive. That forest is not going to get the best of you. I have faith you will make it back to Brother Ben.

At a local Twin Peaks market, Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) is moving down the liquor aisle picking up several bottles. She goes up to the register and asks for a carton of Salems. As she pays for the bottles she begins to get visibly disturbed by the turkey jerky on display behind the cashier (Zoe McLane). She asks the girl at the register about it but soon her concerns seem to move from the jerky to other rambling concerns. Sarah begins to yell at the cashier and nearby bagger (Johnny Ochsner) that they have to watch out because things can happen. She yells that something happened to her. Realizing what she is saying she begins whispering at herself “Sarah, stop doing this.” Frantically, she dashes out of the store leaving her purchases behind. The bagger says to the confused cashier that he knows where she lives and he can deliver them to her.

My heart was aching so incredibly much watching Sarah break down as she did in the store. I wonder how often she has had these breakdowns over time. It is unimaginable what it’s been like for her over the past 25 years. I am also thinking about Episode 8 and the girl we meet in New Mexico. I am convinced it was Sarah. And in this scene in the store where she is talking about “things can happen” and that “something happened” to her, she could be referring to incidents in previous seasons, however, I feel this is more of her recalling what may have happened to her as a teenager after the frog-bug crawled in her mouth to lay its Laura egg inside of her.

Carl & KriscolAs Mr. Kriscol (Bill O’Dell) walks through the New Fat Tout Trailer park, he is called after by Carl(Harry Dean Stanton). Carl confronts him about the fact he was selling his blood again and that he helped install a fellow resident’s propane tank and mows lawns and rakes up around there without getting any pay. Carl pulls out $50 and gives it to him. In addition he tells him to not pay his rent this month. He doesn’t want him selling his blood anymore without coming to see him first. Carl doesn’t like anyone selling their blood just to eat. He acknowledges that hospitals need blood donation but that Kriscol has already given enough. Kriscol agrees and continues on his way.

Again, my heart! Carl has changed since we first met him in FWWM. He is so compassionate and Harry Dean Stanton does not feel like he is playing a character, he feels real.  I like these character scenes so much that don’t advance the story, it just reinforces who the character is.

Cooper and Sonny JimSonny Jim (Pierce Gagnon) takes Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) to the backyard for a game of catch. Sonny Jim throws the ball which hits Cooper in the shoulder and bounces to the ground.

Sonny-Jim teaching his dad to play baseball. How sweet.

Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse) pulls up in front of the Palmer house. As he approaches we see through Laura’s bedroom window to the upstairs fan. As Hawk knocks on the door we cut back to a closer shot of the running fan. Sarah slowly comes to the door. He tells her some old cases have popped up that made him think of her. She snarks back that’s nice but she knows he’s really there about what happened at the grocery store. He admits he heard about that.  He tells her people were worried about her. Sarah tells him she fine know, she just doesn’t know what came over her. A noise comes from inside the house that catches Hawk’s attention. He asks who’s in there. Sarah tells him “No, just something in the kitchen.” He verifies again that she is okay now and she replies through clenched teeth “It’s a goddamn bad story, isn’t Hawk?” He stares intently at her, reading her eyes and face, telling her that if she needs anything at to call him. She says “okay” and closes the door on him.

Before we even got to that scene, I had a feeling we were going to their house since Laura Palmer’s theme started. Why were we focused on Laura’s bedroom window?  Why the fan? What was going on in the kitchen there Sarah?   Has she somehow resurrected Laura?   The last time we saw Laura was in Episode 1 when she got sucked up into the heavens. Was she just going home?  In Episode 8 we see that Laura is a golden ball of light that was sent into the world to defeat Bob. Does this mean that Laura had to die, to save the world? And now she can come home in peace?  

In the Twin Peaks Hospital, a severely beaten Miriam (Sarah Jean Long) lies unconscious in her bed.

Is Miriam still alive? And what will happen next?   I was half expecting Richard to come smother her with a pillow.

Back at the Mayfair, Diane is the bar having drink when she receives a text message that reads “Las Vegas?” She replies “THEY HAVEN’T ASKED YET.”

What are you into Diane? Who are you texting?  Why would anyone be asking you about Las Vegas?

Ben Horne (Richard Beymer) sits in office when Beverly (Ashley Judd) steps in to let him know that Sheriff Truman (Robert Forster) is there to see him. Frank breaks the news to him that his grandson Richard is the one who ran over the little boy. Further he tells him that Richard also tried to kill Miriam, the only witness who could identify him. When Ben is told that Miriam needs an operation, he immediately agrees to pay for it. Ben shakes his head about Richard who he says has never been right. Frank is sorry to have to bring him this news.

Ben tells Frank about Harry’s numerous run-ins with Richard over the years and asks if Harry knows about this. Frank assures him he does. Ben asks if Richard is in custody and is disappointed to find out he is on the run. Ben says he won’t be hearing from Richard who cut off contact when Ben refused to give him any more money. Changing the subject he asks how Harry is doing. Frank tells him he’s hanging in there and they’re hoping for the best.

Cooper’s room key is sitting on Ben’s desk. Ben tells Frank that it just showed up in the mail the other day. He says he was going to send to Harry, he thought he might like to have it as a memento. Frank thinks Harry would like that. Coincidently, he tells Ben, they’re just opening an old case involving Agent Cooper. He points out how strange it is that this key showed up at the same time after all these years. Frank apologizes again for having to bring him this news. Ben gives him the key and when Frank leaves Beverly returns to the office.

Ben tells Beverly about Richard having killed the boy. He goes on to say Richard never had a father before beginning to tell her about the bike he received from his father. It was an old second hand Schwinn that he had painted green. He tells her it was so hard to ride but he loved it. Ben then snaps back and instructs her to contact the hospital to make arrangements for him to pay Miriam’s medical bills.

You could see that Frank did not want to have to break this news to Ben. The entire time I was on the edge of my seat just waiting and waiting for Ben to say that Richard was Audrey’s son. Or for old Ben Horne to not pay the hospital bills for Miriam.  You can see though that Ben has changed as he had gotten older. I do feel for Ben, who obviously had to raise Richard. The two theories I am going with are as follows: Johnny, was taken advantage of by some women who in turn decided to blackmail the Hornes, is Richard’s father. The second is that Audrey was assaulted by Bad Cooper in the hospital when in the coma. Could she still be in a coma? We don’t know where Audrey is!!!

Back in Buckhorn, Gordon is in his hotel room with a French woman (Bérénice Marlohe) in a red dress lying on his shoulder as he regales her with an exciting tale. However, his story is interrupted by a knock at the door from Albert. Albert comes into the room and asks Gordon to please have his “friend” wait for him downstairs.  Wasting plenty of time, she slowly gets herself together taking time to touch up her makeup, sip some wine and even posing a couple of times much to Gordon’s delight and Albert chagrin. Gordon and the woman share a long goodbye at the door.

He returns to the room to tell Albert that she’s in town to visit a friend, of her mother’s, whose daughter has gone missing. The mother owns a turnip farm. Gordon said he told her to tell the mother not worry, she will turn up eventually. Albert stands staring at him stone-faced. Gordon tells Albert not to worry because the French girl didn’t get it either. It doesn’t translate. As Albert continues to stare stone-faced, Gordon finally ask what he wants.

Albert reads Gordon the latest texts he has intercepted from Diane. The two begin to wonder what it is they know that they haven’t asked her yet. The two men think about this for a moment. Unable to come up with anything, Gordon says they’ll figure it out. He tells Albert that for now he’d like to get back this fine Bordeaux. When Albert asks “What kind,” Gordon hears “What Time?” He answers “11:05.” Albert just stares at him blankly and stone-faced. He tells Albert that sometimes he really worries about him.

This scene was fantastic! She is the type of girl he should learn French for. And I like how you could see Albert’s impatience growing within his eyes as he is watching Gordon’s lady friend in a reverse strip tease. I am also noticing that they have fancy hotels in Buckhorn.    

Outside and above Warden Murphy’s ranch style house, Hutch (Tim Roth) and Chantal (Jennifer Jason Leigh) sit in a van waiting to carry out his assassination.  Hutch wants to make sure Chantal doesn’t want to torture the warden first. He even offers to shoot him in the legs so they can take him with them and torture him later. Chantal refuses because there’s not enough time and she’s hungry.  The warden (James Morrison) pulls up and gets out. As he’s heading for the door, Hutch hits him in the back with his sniper rifle stuck through a hatch on the side of the van. The warden collapses, attempting to get back up Hutch shoots in the back of the head moments before the warden’s son (Luke Judy) opens the door.  As the boy calls out for and runs towards his father, Hutch pulls the gun inside and says to Chantal “Next stop, Wendy’s.”

I was not expecting Warden Murphy’s kid to come out of the house right after he was shot.

It’s 7 o’clock and time for Dr. Jacoby’s alter ego Dr. Amp (Russ Tamblyn) to hit the air as his number one fan Nadine (Wendy Robie) watches attentively, a smile plastered across her face.

I get it Dr. Jacoby; you need to sell these shovels for money. Again, what happened to you and why are you so angry?  Is this just an act to sell these shovels?   And why are you so into this Nadine?     Why are you following him in this craziness?   It does seem though it fits her character to do so.   

Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) stands in her study staring at her husband Charlie (Clark Middleton). She doesn’t want to wait anymore for the phone to ring. Audrey wants to go to the Roadhouse to look for Billy. She wants Charlie to come with her. He is much less concerned that he’s been missing for two days. Charlie wants to wait to go looking in the morning. Audrey begins hurling insults at Charlie, telling him that she is in love with Billy and has been sleeping with him. Charlie seems disappointed at this news but not the least bit upset. She tells Charlie, she saw Billy in a dream last night. He was bleeding from the nose and the mouth. She says she’s going with or without him.

Audrey is especially upset that she has to go find Tina, the last person to see Billy. She hates Tina. Apparently Charlie was supposed to call her but never did. He pleads with her to not be sore at him because he just wants the best for her. If that’s so she wants to know why he won’t sign the papers she gave to him. He says he’s not sure about those papers and he would like his lawyer to look them over first.

In that case, she wants to give them to Paul to look over. She threatens to send Paul to pay him a visit. Charlie asks her to be like this. He stresses he is her lawfully wedded husband and he has rights. She tells he gave up those rights. He is surprised to hear her willingness to go back on their contract. She says that is exactly what she’s doing. He reluctantly agrees to go with her. However, he soon decides he should at least try calling Tina.

Audrey tells him to try calling Tina since supposedly she was the last one to see Billy according to Chuck who she acknowledges is “certifiable.” Upon hearing that Chuck is the one who told her this information, Charlie asks Audrey if she knew that Chuck stole Billy’s truck last week. She asks what he’s talking about. He tells her Billy came out of his house and saw Chuck driving his truck away. Billy called the Sheriff, they found that afternoon, and Billy got his truck back and he dropped all charges. Unsure of what this has to do with anything, she orders him to call Tina.

Charlie gets Tina on the phone. He apologizes for calling so late but he needs to ask her something. He asks if it’s true that she was the last to see Billy. Audrey waits impatiently to find out what Tina is saying. Charlie is in disbelief about what Tina is telling him. He just can’t believe it. Charlie ends the call, hangs up the phone, and just stares at Audrey. She asks what Tina said, but Charlie doesn’t speak. She yells at him “You’re not going to tell me what she said!?” He just continues to stare.

AUDREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just appear in a scene like this?  No grand entrance, no theme music, you just yelling at your husband that he needs to go with you to the Roadhouse to find your lover, Billy?  It’s both exciting to see Audrey and yet disappointing for this is not the way I thought we were going to see her enter the show.  I feel like there would have been more fanfare to it all. I thought for a moment here when the scene opened it would be her talking to Ben about Richard. And then I thought that Billy was her, their kid.   How wrong was I? And who are these other people you and Charlie are talking about?  And why won’t Charlie just tell us what that bitch Tina said.

Well after the hotel bar is closed, Diane sits down for a cigarette and the bartender brings her a drink anyway. She looks a map of North America on her phone.  Remembering the coordinates on Ruth’s arm, she enters them. A small flag appears in the northwestern United States. She zooms in until the flag reveals itself to be marking Twin Peaks. Diane looks stunned and shaken.

Of course, Diane is back at the bar. And I am not at all surprised that the coordinates show Twin Peaks. 

The Chromatics return to the stage of the Roadhouse as Abbie (Elizabeth Anweis) and Natalie (Ana de la Reguera) sit in  a booth drinking beers and discuss their friend Angela. Natalie says she didn’t show last night either,  she’s probably with Clark. Natalie says the two of them have been spending a lot of time together. Abbie is surprised because she says Clark was just there the other night with Mary. He and Mary were slow dancing and making out. Natalie says Angela going to freak. She’s really into Clark, she’s even dreaming about him. And she hates Mary. Natalie also mentions that Angela is off her meds now. They both express concern for Angela and her situation with having lost her mom like that.

They are soon join by another friend, Trick (Scott Coffey). He says he was just run off the road and almost killed. He gets up to get more beers and Abbie asks Natalie about Trick being on house arrest. She says he’s got that behind him and he’s a free man again.

Who are these chicks? Why are there more people we don’t know being discussed?  I want to talk about the old characters we know or now the new characters we have spent more time with. I feel like this was just a completely different show. Maybe they did not know they were working on Twin Peaks.

Final Thoughts

My head exploded just like Bill Hastings. I cried during this episode so much. I watch this show at least twice each week, and I find in a second viewing that I can recall what is coming up in the next scene much better in this show than other shows of equal value. It’s because Lynch knows how to make movies. And this show if not scenes are currently small short films. I am sad that this is going to be ending soon, however, I am looking forward to watching it as a straight through 18-hour movie that has been created.  Also, when will we get Big Ed!!!

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