TWIN PEAKS: Around the Dinner Table, the Conversation is Lively

TWIN PEAKS: Around the Dinner Table, the Conversation is Lively

After Ep 8 of Twin Peaks, I have no idea what is going to happen this week! I am curious to see where the next episode takes us. So here we go…

Twin Peaks: The Return Part 9

The morning following his ordeal with Ray and the woodsmen, Bad Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan,) covered in dried blood, walks along a dirt driveway towards a red handkerchief hanging a fence post. He grabs it and keeps going.

Where and who is, Bad Cooper going to and meeting up with?

On the plane leaving South Dakota, Agent Preston (Chrysta Bell) brings Gordon Cole (David Lynch) a satellite phone telling him that Colonel Davis is online the line for him.  After first misunderstanding the Colonel’s mention of Buckhorn to be something vulgar, Cole tells the Colonel that by coincidence they are currently flying over eastern South Dakota. Cole’s loud speaking wakes up Diane (Laura Dern) who has been sleeping in her seat across the aisle from Albert (Miguel Ferrer) who is also sleeping.

There is never too much Gordon Cole for me, ever!!! I am so excited that he and his team are going to Buckhorn. And that we are getting back to Buckhorn!  

Bad Cooper pockets the handkerchief as he approaches the farm and Chantal’s(Jennifer Jason Leigh) husband Hutch (Tim Roth.) Hutch says they were expecting him last night and he calls for Chantal to let her know Bad Cooper has arrived and is hurt. Bad Cooper shows her where he was shot and she goes to get “the kit” to tend to his wounds.

I squealed with delight when I saw Tim Roth on screen. I just really enjoy him as an actor and he feels so authentic as this character of Hutch working for “Mr. C” or “Boss Man” as they call Bad Cooper. And even more delighted to see that Jennifer Jason Leigh was back as Chantal.  

To BuckhornBack on the plane, Gordon approaches Diane to ask if she minds if they make a detour to Buckhorn. At first she is resistant but when he explains that it involves a man that Cooper once knew she guess it has to do with the Blue Rose case. She agrees if Gordon fetches her a couple more airplane booze bottles.  Gordon says okay and heads to the cockpit to inform the pilots. Diane tries to check her text messages, only to find out her phone is blocked. Meanwhile Agent Preston receives another phone call. This time it’s Warden Murphy (James Morrison) calling to tell him that Bad Cooper has escaped. Or as Gordon says to Diane and Albert “Cooper’s flown the coop!”

I like how Diane needs to be paid in airplane bottles of booze to agree to do anything for anyone. Who sent Diane a text message?   Why is it important we see that it’s blocked?    Also, whatever to you Warden Murphy who did not keep his end of the bargain to keep Bad Cooper in prison.

Dead TiredOn the farm, a cleaned up Bad Cooper and Chantal walk past the “sleeping” owners of the farm toward a big black pickup truck.  Bad Cooper types a text message into a small pink phone and sends it before calling Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler) in Las Vegas to find out if it was done. Todd tells him it’s not and Bad Cooper tells him it better be before the next time he calls. Todd was nervous before answering the call and seems even more so now after the call. He nervously types and looks around the room before calling for Roger to come in.

Bad Cooper tells Hutch he needs them to kill the warden and then he will need them to do “a doubleheader” in Vegas. “Let’s play two.” Hutch replies ready to do whatever he asks of them. Bad Cooper says he’ll text them the details after they kill Warden Murphy at home, work, or on the way. Hutch tells Chantal to give Bad Cooper “a wet one.” She kisses him deeply and tells him she wishes it was more.  He tells her he’ll take a raincheck. He then gives them the pink phone and asks them to kill it before climbing in to the pickup to drive off. Hutch shoots the phone with a shotgun.

Who is Bad Cooper texting? And what does the message mean? And then he calls Las Vegas???  I feel like there is so much coming together right now at this point.  And what is with Hutch encouraging his wife Chantal to give Bad Cooper a kiss goodbye?   I thought it was strange and yet not, at the same time. Maybe it’s a way for them to keep Bad Cooper on their side?

At the LVPD, Cooper and Janey-E (Naomi Watts) sit in the waiting room as Bushnell Mullins (Don Murray) is the next room with the Fusco Brothers (David Koechner, Eric Edelstein, & Larry Clarke) vouching for Dougie’s character. He tells them he’s known Dougie for about twelve years, ever since he came to work there. When the Fuscosdetectives mention Dougie’s slowness, Mullins tells them that Dougie was in a car accident not too long before he came to work for him. And periodically he shows symptoms from the accident. They thank him for coming down. On his way out he tells Dougie to take the day off but he’ll need his help figuring out the files he had him go over previously.

One of the Fusco says to the other two that he can’t find anything on Douglas Jones from before 1997. They debate whether they should try talking to him again. But instead they come up with an idea. D. Fusco brings a fresh cup of coffee in a new cup to Cooper. Taking his old cup away, Fusco places it in an evidence bag to send it to the lab. The desk Sergeant (Jelani Quinn) enters the room to tells them they were able to match the palm prints of the gun to Ike “The Spike” (Christophe Zajac-Denek) and that they just got a 20 on him at an off strip motel. The Fuscos decide to help out in busting him. They tell the Sergeant to let the Joneses go after he logs the coffee cup.

While they continue to sit in the waiting room, Cooper begins to hear the strains of America the Beautiful as he stares at the American flag. His concentration is momentarily drawn to a woman who enters and crosses the room. He is drawn to her red heels. However as she passes by a wall outlet, his concentration is completely broken as the music dissipates and is replaced by a deep hum as he stares at the outlet.

So Dougie was in a car accident? That explains a lot of why everyone he works with and Janey-E are so patient with him at times. Also, no records of Dougie before 1997? Why does it feel like 1997 is supposed to be a significant year or number?  Also, I thought Coop was going to snap out of it when the patriotic music started playing.  And why focused on the red heels/shoes?   What does this mean?  And the outlet?  Is he remembering anything at all?  Also, the Detectives Fusco are so entertaining, especially the one who laughs at everything.  And I feel like they look and play off each other like brothers too.   

The SpikeAt the motel, Ike “The Spike” is on the phone leaving a message of “no cigar” and that he’s taking medical leave. He polishes off a bottle of whiskey, unaware of the police presence at the motel. As he starts down the hall his path is blocked by three officers. He turns the other direction and that way is now blocked by the Fuscos. They tell him he is under arrest as they have his palm prints, in fact “we have your whole palm.”

Oh, Ike “The Spike,” they got you!

ChairAt the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, Lucy (Kimmy Robertson) and Andy (Harry Goaz) want to get a new chair and ottoman set. However, Lucy loves the beige version and Andy loves the red. After they go back forth, Andy apologizes and tells her she can get the beige chair. Smiling about her victory she decides to purchase the red chair.

YAY!!! We are back in Twin Peaks and I feel that the exchange that went on with Lucy and Andy speaks volumes to their relationship overall.

Johnny Horne (Erik Rondell) runs through halls of a house as his mother, Sylvia (Jan D’Arcy) calls after him. Suddenly off screen there is loud crash and we see a flash of light. Sylvia calls out his name over and over and cries as she comes upon his motionless body lying on the ground near broken picture frames and a wall lamp that it appears he has run into, eye first.

What as that all about Johnny Horne???

Deputy Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook) enters his mother’s house with Sheriff Truman (Robert Forster) and Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse) telling her (Charlotte Stewart) they need to ask her a few questions. As they begin to ask her about Agent Cooper’s visit on the day before Major Briggs (Don S. Davis) died, she interrupts them. She says that after Cooper left that day, her husband told her one day their son Bobby, Hawk, and Sheriff Truman would come and ask about Special Agent Cooper. She asked what this was all about but he wouldn’t tell her. He said just to give them “this.” She reveals a hidden compartment in Major Briggs chair and pulls a small metal tube out.  She recalls that when Garland told her about the great man Bobby would become he seemed a long way from that. But he always had faith in Bobby and would be so proud of who he has become.

In watching Bobby’s reaction to this story his mom is telling shows how much Bobby has grown up. And explains how Major Briggs could have the confidence he did in Bobby being that he apparently knew the future.

At the Buckhorn police department, Gordon Cole, Tammy Preston and Albert Rosenfield, are introduced to Lt Knox (Adele René) and Det. Mackley (Brent Briscoe.)  Diane has no desire to join them in examining Major Briggs body. She decides to wait in the waiting room and lights up a cigarette. Det. Mackley tells her she can’t smoke in here and she snaps back “It’s a FUCKING morgue!” The group leaves her and she once again checks her phone to discover the message Bad Cooper sent from the farm was to her.  The message reads “AROUND THE DINNER TABLE, THE CONVERSATION IS LIVELY.” Diane looks puzzled.

Diane has on red shoes, is that why the red heels caught Coop’s attention?  

As the group proceeds to the body, Det. Mackley gives them the background on the case including that Hastings wife was found murdered by their attorney and his secretary died in a car explosion soon after his arrest.  Albert retorts “what happens in Season 2?”  Mackley further explains that Hastings and Ruth published a “strange, little blog” called The Search for the Zone. His last entry stated that they had entered the zone and finally met the Major. 

Gordon pulls Albert aside to discuss all of this. Albert points out that Major Briggs would have been 72 years old.  They thought he died 25 years ago in the fire at the government facility outside of Twin Peaks at the age that this body appears to be. Gordon comments on the fact that Cooper knew Briggs 25 years ago and now Briggs appears here at the same time Cooper is in the same area. When they reenter the room, Talbot (Jane Adams) gives them the ring she found during the autopsy. Gordon decides they need to speak to Hastings.

I will never tire of sarcastic, clever, witty Albert. Also, Hastings was writing about other dimensions and about meeting the major?  Meaning Major Briggs?   How is all of this connected? And I had forgotten about the ring with the inscription to Dougie from Janey-E that was found in Major Briggs stomach.   How does that fit in?  

In the woods around Twin Peaks, Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) has run into a problem. His right foot is telling him it is not his foot. He swipes at it a few times before finally snatching it and falling on his back.

OMG Jerry Horne! I love how stoned you are…you need your own spinoff show.

As Truman, Hawk, and Bobby return to the Sheriff’s department, Lucy tells them she not there, she’s on her lunch break as she sits at her desk eating a massive sandwich. They proceed to the conference room where they find Deputy Chad (John Pirruccello) eating his own lunch. Sheriff Truman tells him he’s been told not to eat his lunch in the conference room. Reluctantly Chad gathers up his food and heads to the door. Once Chad leaves they examine the tube and try to figure out how to open it. Bobby tells them he knows how to open it. His dad had brought these tubes home before and showed him.

I hate Deputy Chad! And you can tell that Truman, Hawk and Bobby do too. Stop whining about how they have donuts and coffee in the room, but you can’t eat your lunch in there, Deputy Chad. Boo Hoo!

They go outside and Bobby slams it on the ground. He picks it up and lets Truman and Hawk hear the high pitched buzzing noise emulating from the tube. Bobby listens for it to click and then throws it down again. This time it’s open. He hands it to Truman who removes two small papers from it.  One features instructions and images. The instructions state “253 YARDS EAST OF JACK RABBITS PALACE. BEFORE LEAVING JACK RABBITS PALACE PUT SOME SOIL FROM THAT AREA IN YOUR POCKET. 2:53 10/1 10/2”

The dates are two days from now and the day after but Truman says he’s never heard of Jack Rabbits Palace. Bobby stands by smiling. He tells Truman and Hawk that he knows where it is. His dad used to take him there when Bobby was little. It was their make believe place and Booby was the one who named it Jack Rabbits Palace.  Truman looks at the second paper which is the part of the gibberish that Major Briggs brought to Cooper in his room at the Great Northern, the part that read “Cooper/Cooper/Cooper.”  Now it just reads “Cooper/Cooper” to which Hawk asks “Two Coopers?”

253 is what the arm said to Coop when in the Black Lodge, so is this what the arm was referring to? Or does 253 really mean 2-5=3, like three Coopers?    And, the message now only shows the name “Cooper” twice, instead of three times. Was the message 25 years ago, telling of the three “Coopers” we would meet now (Coop, Bad Coop and Dougie)? Again, I feel like so much is coming together, however still so far away from any of it coming together. Side Note – I like how Bobby can be relevant to this mystery they have going on right now.    

Diane stands smoking on the steps outside the Buckhorn PD. Gordon and Tammy come outside to join her while Albert’s indisposed.  They all stand quietly for a while before Gordon reaches out for her cigarette. As she gives it to him, Tammy protests. Gordon takes a puff and the memory of tobacco comes rushing back to him. Diane smiles as Gordon hands it back to her. She offers to let him finish it off but he refuses.

So much is not said but stated in that scene of Gordon and Diane sharing a cigarette. And I like how Tammy is visibility upset by it. Essentially Diane is saying to her without words, I am in charge of Gordon Cole.

Inside, Hastings (Matthew Lillard) is waiting and crying uncontrollably in the interrogation room. Tammy enters the room and introduces herself. She questions him about his blog and the entry regarding entering an alternate dimension and meeting the Major. Through his tears he explains that Ruth determined the location and time they needed to get to in order to enter the dimension and meet a certain person.  They found the Major hiding, or hibernating as he said, there. He told them he needed some coordinates. He told them where to go to find them and they did.

Tammy asks him if he still has the coordinates. He tells her that Ruth did, she wrote them on her arm so she wouldn’t forget.  They brought the Major the numbers last Thursday.  Then suddenly, he said, these men came in and grabbed him by the neck and pushed him down. They demanded to know his wife’s name. He told them it was Phyllis. He began stating emphatically that he didn’t kill Ruth and that this was “all his fault.”

Tammy pulls out a page with six photos and asked Hastings if he could identify any of them as the Major. He points to Major Briggs. She asks him to describe what happened next. He says they gave him the numbers and as he began to float up he said “Cooper, Cooper.”  It was beautiful but then Ruth was dead.  The he woke up in his home. Tammy asks if the Major killed Ruth. He said no, there were so many people there. He states again that he didn’t kill Ruth, he loved her. They were going to go to the Bahamas and go scuba diving. Watching from outside, Albert asks “Fruitcake, anyone?”

So excited that we have spent time in Buckhorn this week after I predicted we would in the past several weeks, and was so wrong! I loved how Hastings just broke down when speaking to Tammy and cried through the entire statement. I truly believe everything that he is saying including not knowing how he got home and just seeming to wake up out of this weird situation he and Ruth were in once meeting Major Briggs. And how he did not kill Ruth because he loved her so much. His whole delivery is heartbreaking. The few times we have seen Matthew Lillard as Hastings he has been great and I hope we get more of him in this role.

At the Great Northern Hotel, Ben Horne (Richard Beymer) and Beverly Paige (Ashley Judd) are back in her office listening to the noise that maintenance was unable to locate. As they walk around listening she ends up facing him in his arms. He tells her he can’t do this. She tells him he’s a good man.

The buzzing noise that Beverly and Horne hear seems to be the same as through the cylinder Bobby throws to break it open to get the message out. Do these things connect? Does any of this show connect? Like I have been saying, I feel like so much is coming together however also feels so far apart.  

In the Roadhouse, Ella (Sky Ferreira) is sitting in a booth trying to drink the last drops out what appears to be an empty beer can as Hudson Mohawke performs on stage. Her friend Chloe (Karolina Wydra) joins her and asks “You know that Zebra’s out again?” The two laugh about this. Ella tells Chloe she got fired her job a burger joint but she can’t remember why.  She keeps scratching under her arm and a nasty rash. Ella then asks Chloe if she’s seen that penguin. The two laugh again as Au Revior Simone returns to the Roadhouse stage for the second time this season.

I must say I like how much of episodes end at the Roadhouse featuring musical artists that you may not have heard of, like that group called The Nine Inch Nails? Anyway, I really am liking the music and cannot wait for the soundtrack to become available. 

Final Thoughts

That episode was fantastic!!!  I am so glad that Lynch fought for 18 episodes instead of 9. That would have made this the season finale, and I am not even close to wanting this show to be over. However now we are half through the season, and there is still so much that needs to be answered liked where is Audrey?!?!  And when do we get some Big Ed Hurley?  Are we getting back to anything else that has been established like Dr. Jacoby and his followers and shovels? Are we going to get back to Red and Richard Horne? Are we going to get more about Becky and who her father is?  And are we ever going to get back to Hank the Handyman and whatever dealings he has going on there in Buckhorn? There is just so much and I have faith that this will all come together in the end.  

Join me here each week during the season for recaps and discussion of every episode. Twin Peaks airs Sundays at 9 pm on Showtime.

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