The Z Virus: Episode 5 Finally Gets Zombies!

The Z Virus: Episode 5 Finally Gets Zombies!

The zombies have finally reached the ranch in The Z Virus: Episode 5! The world is left in total dismay after a meteor hits the Northern Eastern side of the United States. We follow a few survivors that escaped the blast and must begin to rebuild their lives but with a new threat, it may become harder to do.

The zombies begin to attack. Eddie “Doc” arrives with the herd but he is unable to help due to his injured foot. He brings news from the outside but sadly it’s not the news they were expecting. The world is in shambles and chaos has erupted all over the United States. Doc informs the survivors that the only thing to do now is to fight.

It is nice to finally see a small herd of zombies attacking the ranch. The zombies were bloody and freighting, which gives us a glimpse of what we can expect in the coming episodes. The character developments are coming along but Nicole had one heck of a character change from being afraid of killing to being okay with shooting a gun. Nicole was very quick to jump the gun.

Time seems to be forgotten at times. The episode begins with the cover of night, dark lighting, but suddenly we see the approaching zombies in daylight. So either they were in a very dark place of the house or everyone stayed awake to fight any incoming zombies. Mind you, the zombies arrive in daylight, while Doc arrives at night. Aside from that time lapse, the series continues to capture my attention.

Stay tuned to see what our friends do in the next episode. If you can not wait, you can catch The Z Virus at,, Amazon Prime Vimeo On Demand, and on the ScreenMagic TV Roku Channel.

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