Fresh off their Halloween run, Sinister Pointe has announced that they will return to the Christmas season once again with A Not So Merry Holiday Haunt!

Though this particular event took a break last year (instead, opting for a Hunt of Krampus), this holiday tradition returns for its 4th(ish) year to spread a little Christmas Fear.

Of course, their trademark rude and crude of previous years will be returning, so you should expect some inappropriate behavior, bad language, and some stuff that will definitely get you on the naughty list. Trust me, this event ISN’T for kids…unless your kids are into that kind of stuff.

And yes, the Holiday Haunt WILL include some form of interactivity.

It will take place at the same location as this year’s Fear the Mark, however, they will be adding some Dark Christmas flare, along with a few new surprises and a horrible holiday theme.

The Holiday Haunt will be running on weekends from December 2nd through 17th. Considering how popular it usually is, it WILL sell out, so be sure to buy your tickets today!

For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit them online at:

ALSO, Fear the Mark is STILL OPEN THIS WEEKEND (November 11th and 12th)! Get your last Halloween kick in now. Use the promo code HAUNTERS to get $5 off your tickets, and extend Halloween a little bit longer.