There’s a new name for terror when the Vestron Video Collector’s Series brings the family back together in Parents, coming to limited-edition Blu-ray on January 31 from Lionsgate. In this black-comedy horror classic, a young boy in 1950s suburbia suspects his parents are cannibalistic murderers. The Parents Blu-ray includes all-new special features, including an audio commentary with director Bob Balaban and producer Bonnie Palef and interviews with screenwriter Christopher Hawthorne and actress Mary Beth Hurt. This limited-edition Parents Blu-ray will be available for the suggested retail price of $34.97.

Meet the Laemles. Dad’s got a great job, mom has all the modern conveniences a happy homemaker could ask for, and ten-year-old Michael has great new friends and two parents who kill him with kindness. They’re the all-American family . . . or are they? Michael can’t figure out why his family serves leftovers every night. “Leftovers? Well, what were they before they were leftovers?” questions young Michael. “Leftovers-to-be,” smiles dad. Dad’s bringing home the bacon . . . and a whole lot more! Michael’s parents are getting away with murder — making home where the horror is!

In 1989, director Bob Balaban fashioned one of the oddest, quirkiest, blackest of black comedies that had a way of getting waaaay under your skin and sticking there. It’s one of our favorite movies, and it deserves to be re-discovered now. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to sit yourself down and check it out. Here’s what you’ll get with the new Blu-ray:


·       Audio Commentary with Director Bob Balaban and Producer Bonnie Palef

·       Isolated Score Selections/Audio Interview with Composer Jonathan Elias

·       Featurettes:

o   “Leftovers to Be” with Screenwriter Christopher Hawthorne

o   “Mother’s Day” with Actress Mary Beth Hurt

o   “Inside Out” with Director of Photography Robin Vidgeon

o   “Vintage Tastes” with Decorative Consultant Yolando Cuomo

·       Theatrical Trailer

·       Radio Spots

·       Still Gallery