The wonderfully shot Valley of Ditches will be available to rent or own in the US and Canada March 21st on iTunes, Google Play Amazon, Xbox, and Vudu. Valley of Ditches’s young “Dexter” gives light to the mind of a killer and gives it depth. 


Valley of Ditches has garnered much recognition for its use of budget and time. In ten days director, Christopher James Lang and Lead actress shot this captivating thriller. Valley of Ditches made its premiere at the prestigious Dance with Film Festival last summer at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. One scene, in particular, has gained attention due to the extremely graphic nature.

In Valley of Ditches, a young woman bound to the front seat of a car watches as her captors dig a ditch to bury the lifeless body of her boyfriend. She will have to fight to survive the fate that awaits her but surviving could also mean death as well.