The Greasy Strangler is a greasily engulfing film that will leave you speechless. The film premiered at Sundance and took the audience by surprise with its filth and genre smash-up. Once you see this film, you will never be able to forget it. Get your copy of this disturbing story March 22!

The Greasy Strangler is the story of Ronnie. Ronnie and his son, Big Brayden, run a disco walking tour of Los Angeles. When fierce Janet appears at one of their tours, the father and son duo find their selves fighting for her attention. The rivalry also brings about the oily, slimy, inhuman maniac who trolls the night strangling innocents-The Greasy Strangler.

Two-Disc Special Features:

Disc 1
Commentary with Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar & Jim Hosking
On-Set Interviews with Cast & Crew:
– Teaser Trailer
– Theatrical Trailer
– Sanitized Theatrical Trailer

Disc 2

Bullshit Artist – an interview with co-writer/director Jim Hosking.
Cheesy Old Cornball – an interview with actor Sky Elobar (Big Brayden).
Hootie Tootie Disco Cutie! – an interview with actress Elizabeth De Razzo (Janet).
The Greasy Trap – cast and crew discuss their experiences working on-set in the house used in the film.
The Greasy Effect – Jim Hosking talks about the special effects used in the film.
Greasy Down Under Cuisine – actor Sky Elobar and actress Elizabeth De Razzo endure a selection of Aussie foods.
Greasy Down Under Road Trip – an on the road to Ballarat home movie.
Monster Fest 2016 Q&A with actor Sky Elobar & actress Elizabeth De Razzo.
Deleted Scenes
Behind-The-Scenes Photo Gallery
– Every Day Australians React to The Greasy Strangler
– Jim Hosking Announces The #GreasyDownUnder Tour
– The #GreasyDownUnder Road Trip Advertisement
– Monster Fest Mini-Fest Hobart Shout Out