Stay Out of Chupacabra Territory, There’s Nothing to See There
Chupacabra Territory is directed by Matt McWilliams and follows Amber (Sarah Nicklin), a witch, medium, clairvoyant, amateur cryptozoologist and overall dirty hippie; Joe (Michael Reed), the guy that wants to get in her pants; Morgan (Alex Hayek), the histrionic comedic foil that seems to have no interest in coming... Read more
Drunken Devil’s Sinner’s Social Club Now On Sale
For the past few years, The Drunken Devil has thrown some pretty lavish parties…from the Witches’ Ball to Bloody Gras, and everything in between, he is known to bring his unique brand of debauchery wherever he goes.   For the 2017 season, however, something new is coming along: The... Read more
TWIN PEAKS: The Owls are Not What They Seem
The Pilot and the First Season With Season 3 of Twin Peaks quickly approaching, I’ve decided to reflect back on seasons 1 & 2 along with Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and the feature length deleted scenes compilation: Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces.  Twin Peaks is my FAVORITE show of all time and I want to share with all... Read more
Viva Pictures Distribution, LLC Announces Release of SACRILEGE
Our Friends at Viva Pictures Distribution, LLC have announced the May 2nd Red Box release of the horror film Sacrilege. Additionally, the film will be available to purchase on several retailers and digital platforms on June 6. Written and directed by Paul Catalanotto and produced by John Allen, Sacrilege... Read more
RuPaul’s DragCon Blends Cosplay and Horror Realness
Conventions are the place for fans to dive into their passions. Cosplay, has become an art form with attendees wearing intricately designed, developed, and executed costumes as they explore the show floor. It’s become as much a draw to a con as the con itself.  At RuPaul’s Drag Con Dressing... Read more
Poster Art for the New Horror Flick POLAROID Released
Director Lars Klevberg’s new film Polaroid has gotten a poster and we are diggin it. The movie centers on high school loner Bird Fitcher who has no idea what dark secrets are tied to the Polaroid vintage camera she stumbles upon, but it doesn’t take long to discover that... Read more
Supernatural Thriller RESIDUE Available On Vod And Itunes: July 18, 2017
From writer, director Rusty Nixon comes what looks like a pretty interesting trailer for his upcoming film, Residue. The film stars James Clayton, Taylor Hickson, Costas Mandylor, Matt Frewer (Yes, Max Hedroom), and William B. Davis SYNOPSIS: Private investigator Luke Harding (James Clayton) reads a book of sinister origins owned... Read more
RUPTURE Starts Well Enough, But Loses Its Way
A single mom tries to break free from a mysterious organization that has abducted her. Single mom Renee Morgan (Noomi Rapace) has her hands full with her young son who’d rather read comic books than do his math homework, and her ex-husband who swears at her in the voicemails... Read more
SLEIGHT of Hand and Clever Genre Blending Makes New Movie Work
A young street magician (Jacob Latimore) is left to care for his little sister after their parents passing and turns to illegal activities to keep a roof over their heads. When he gets in too deep, his sister is kidnapped and he is forced to use his magic and... Read more
The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival June 2017! Submissions Still Open for Shorts & Features!
The festival is committed to carving out space for female visions in horror- whether it’s monstrous, heroic, or some messy combination of the two. Final Girls Berlin Film Festival is devoted to showcasing horror directed, written, and produced women filmmakers from around the world. They wish to shine the... Read more