Little Nightmares Stumbles Toward Brilliance
Amazon had been recommending “Little Nightmares” to me for months before I finally just bit the bullet and ordered it. The Amazon description told me next to nothing about the product, and I had heard absolutely zero word of mouth hype about the game. Still, I kept checking the... Read more
TEEN WOLF Season 6 Part 1 Coming to DVD July 18th
If you are a Teen Wolf fan then you will be excited to hear Teen Wolf Season 6 Part 1 arrives on DVD July 18 from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM) and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. You will be delighted to hear the DVD includes a behind the scenes look... Read more
REVIEW: Aliens: Bug Hunt
As any fan of the ALIEN franchise knows, the stories extend well beyond just the movies, into video games, comics, and in this case, books. This recent release, Aliens: Bug Hunt, delves deep into the the Colonial Marines, the brave few who stand up against these creatures, and delivers... Read more
Speakeasy’s The Johnny Cycle: Part III – The Living Is An Emotional Journey Through Johnny’s Mind
Don’t let go, Johnny. Those words echoed in my head quite a bit on Saturday evening. This mantra, chanted not only by my inner monologue, but also by several people I encountered, even haunted my dreams. Don’t. Let. Go. This past weekend, I attended Speakeasy Society’s The Johnny Cycle:... Read more
Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates Christmas in Spring, Gives to Community
You may think the monsters at Universal Studios Hollywood are pretty heartless when they are chasing you with a chainsaw during the annual Halloween Horror Nights Event in the fall but you would be dead wrong. As spring ebbs into May, the same minds that scare show that they care... Read more