The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle Coming to Universal Studios Hollywood
Awesome magical news hitting Universal Studios Hollywood as guests are invited to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ in a whole new light.Beginning June 23, Universal Studios Hollywood will introduce its all-new “The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts™ Castle,” featuring a dazzling light projection experience against the backdrop of... Read more
The Wicked One Rips and Tears at our Heartstrings
The Wicked One, directed by Tory Jones, follows a group of 20-somethings on a Halloween road trip to get out to a party when they become terrorized by a masked maniac known only as The Wicked One (Jack Norman). Wow, does this film create a bad first impression. After... Read more
With Whip Thinks You Totes Need to Try a Unicorn Frappe
With Whip, directed by Aviv Rubenstein and written by Lianne O’Shea, follows Kelly (Sophia Cacciola) who is out getting a cup of coffee with her friend, played by O’Shea who is credited only as The Head Basic. She commits her first faux pas by ordering a plain cup of... Read more