A mysterious Instagram popped up four days ago, following all of the usual suspects, and steadily began posting cryptic, yet intriguing images, along with text that deepened the mystery. Eventually, an email address popped up and asked us to send along our names, numbers, and what we would do if we found our time was running out.

Just another typical day in Immersive Land, right?

The Midnight Commission claims to be trying something new, and from what little I have seen from them so far, I am definitely intrigued enough to continue watching.

I reached out to them via their Instagram, and asked if they would be willing to answer a few questions for us, and thankfully, they agreed. Over our brief exchange of emails, I could tell that whoever is behind this is passionate about it. They were excited to get the word out, but it was evident that the air of mystery would continue for a bit longer. In fact, it deepened a bit more for me when, not too long after I revived their answers, I got a call from a blocked number that lead down the rabbit hole a little more.

More on that after the interview, though.

HorrorBuzz: For starters, can you tell us a little bit about who or what The Midnight Commission is?

The Midnight Commission: I would call the Midnight Commission a place to find out about who you are now, who you want to be and maybe, just maybe, how much darkness you are willing to let in and for what cause.

HorrorBuzz: Can you set the stage a bit? What is the story behind it?

The Midnight Commission: I think non-linear story telling is going to be one of the ways that we might be able to set ourselves apart. Hopefully some interesting things will happen that will make more sense as we dig deeper and deeper.

HorrorBuzz: Your posts so far have been somewhat cryptic…burning away the light, fragmented copies of copies. What exactly are you trying to convey? Or accomplish?

The Midnight Commission: We are trying to convey that there is a certain audience that is drawn to the mystery and drawn to the unknown. I think those are special people and we want to see if we can all explore what makes them tick and then turn that on its head. Is it possible that the greatest mystery of all may be inside of us? I think sometimes our imaginations can be scarier than anything else and we hope to play with that. Are you more loyal to the known or the unknown?

HorrorBuzz: How can folks get involved? What do you seek from them?

The Midnight Commission: The only requirement is unabashed and complete loyalty to strangers who may or may not have their best interest at heart. Easy right?

HorrorBuzz: Sounds typical for us! I’m in! What sort of things should we expect out of you in the coming weeks?

The Midnight Commission: There will be opportunities to see how our audience reacts to things we hold up and from there we will form a new truth about the entire world. We hope to shape it together. A new slack just opened up and I think we will be doing a lot of watching… for now.

HorrorBuzz: Who are the people BEHIND The Midnight Commission?

The Midnight Commission: I think the main thing that we are is a group of people who are setting out to do something different and unique. We don’t want to repeat what we have seen and done before but sometimes you get into territory where everyone is in the same realm right? It happens. We just want to find our audience and expose them to some new and interesting ways of looking at things.

HorrorBuzz:Do you have backgrounds in this realm? Or is this your first time creating something like this?

The Midnight Commission: I supposed it depends on what we define as this realm but some of us have more experience than others on the team but I think it’s safe to say this is the first time we have tried to do what we hope to accomplish with this when it’s all said and done.

HorrorBuzz: I can only assume you have done other experiences before. What are some of your influences?

The Midnight Commission: We’ve all dabbled a bit here and there. I’d say things like @midnight where you can play from home and see your words on screen and you are actually a part of the show are definitely proof of concept for us and the industry. As far as influences, things like the Twilight Zone, American Horror Story and believe it or not, X-games.

Needless to say, their answers piqued my curiosity a bit more. Of course, when answers raise even more questions, that will always be the case.

I read their email, and then the phone next to me buzzed. NO CALLER ID was across the screen, and while I typically don’t answer these things, I figured why not. And I am glad I did.

The call from The Midnight Commission asked me questions relating to my previous email’s answers, and asked if it still held true. A robotic and female voice interchangeably continued to ask other things about my life just before inquiring “Do you think it was safe to tell your darkest fears to an anonymous source?”

Well…duh. How else are they going to get to me?!

The end of the call revealed what their plans are: on select evenings, at midnight, a participant will be selected to face either their greatest fear or their absolute dream.

And then…the line went dead.

I am even MORE intrigued now. But now, I will await that midnight call…

Thank you to The Midnight Commission for answering my questions.

For more on The Midnight Commission (and to find their Slack channel), follow them on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/themidnightcommission/