Tick Takeover Experience Recharges and Entertains
If you’re attending San Diego Comic Con this weekend be on the lookout for ticks. Thankfully it isn’t the kind that spreads lyme disease, rather it is Amazon Prime’s Tick Takeover experience promoting the new series “The Tick.”   The Tick Takeover is easy to find. Just look for... Read more
An Interview with IN ANOTHER ROOM
About a week ago, we told you about IN ANOTHER ROOM, a new immersive experience from E3W Productions that allows you to investigate a notoriously haunted house in Lose Angeles. We promised you an interview with them, and now, here it is! The team behind it was kind enough... Read more
An End To The Suffering and What Went Wrong
Alright, so two weeks ago we took a look at the all-but-forgotten horror game The Suffering. It was an ambitious and successful game which was clearly meant to be the start of a franchise. So what went wrong? Why did the franchise not take off? Well this week we’re... Read more