For the last two years, the team behind Creep LA has continually amazed us with what they can do; from their fantastic debut year, to their even better sophomore effort, and their wonderful take on a dinner parties with THE WILLOWS.

This Halloween season, the Just Fix It Production team has something new up their sleeve. Teaming up with Amazon Prime Video, they are proud to present LORE, an unique immersive experience imagined from the world of Amazon Prime Exclusive’s upcoming series Lore, which comes from Aaron Mahnke’s popular podcast.


Taking place at the Magic Box LA  in Los Angeles, thrill seekers are invited to step into an altered world where folklore comes to life. Whereas fear is best kept buried, Creep LA embraces the folklore to unveil the frightening truth: the scariest stories are often rooted in truth. In this space, stories aren’t just tales around a campfire, but an experience that will creep inside and leave you haunted.

Upon entering Creep LA: Lore, handlers will guide groups of eight brave souls inside this imagined universe where groups travel through a fully engaging, multi-sensory, 1-hour walk-thru experience within a dynamic and diverse environment of moody rooms, intimate encounters, and terrifying scenarios. At Creep LA: Lore, everyone is part of the experience whether they intend to be or not.

If you haven’t heard of the podcast itself, it’s pretty great. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Amazon Series, which is a six-episode anthology series (streaming globally on Amazon Prime on October 13th) that presents the frightening and often disturbing tales based on real people and events that have led to our modern-day myths and legends.

In Creep LA: LORE, the Creep team will bring real-life historical events that birthed many folk tales which ultimately spawned some of our darkest nightmares to life pulling inspiration and using elements from the show.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Amazon join us on this season,” said JFI Productions’ Creator/Producer, Justin Fix. “Creep LA’s experiences have always focused on the darkness of humanity and the human condition. There is no better opportunity than Lore to focus on the past and the creation of these monsters we have grown to fear. While monsters are scary, the people behind the masks are the real danger.”

Last year, JFI Productions partnered with a non-profit to help raises awareness to the arts. This year is no different, as they have partnered with True Connection, a nonprofit dedicated to youth empowerment through art, mediation and SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) for the third season of Creep LA.

The fact that Amazon Studios is teaming up with Creep LA is pretty huge news. JFI Productions has done a fantastic job of pushing the boundaries of immersive theater, and it is wonderful to see Amazon trusting them with this property. As my favorite Halloween time event from the past two years, I am incredible excited to see what Creep LA: Lore has in store for us. 

Creep LA: Lore will run on select dates from October  5th  through November 12th. 

Tickets are for ADULTS ONLY and scheduled to go on sale on Friday, September 15th at 10am PDT. Ticket prices start at $65. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit:

Creep it real.