Okay, it has to be said that there are some real perks to being a part of the team at Horrorbuzz.com. Besides the really amazing and diverse group of people that I have met in the haunt community, the thing I think I appreciate the most is the ability to go behind the scenes at some of the greatest mazes and see first hand the design, and unbelievable talent it takes to make October goosebumps a reality. This year Knott’s gave us a very special gift, the ability to tour and film an unrestricted behind the scenes look at their sophomore maze offering The Red Barn with Gus Krueger,  who is one of their world class designers,  and he took the time to give us all the lore behind the gore. 

In all honesty I only went through this maze a couple times last season, Red Barn seemed rushed together in parts (mainly because it was,) but this year it has moved onto my must see list for every trip to Knott’s Scary Farm…Particularly on nights with lower crowd levels where you can experience the maze with the chase through element, which is just like being in a horror movie. (and that we captured, the best we could in a 4K 3D 360 VR video which we have already posted on YouTube)


But as it is the final weekend for Knott’s, for any of you going or thinking about visiting the park, here is our exclusive and in depth tour of the Red Barn. In this video you get the chance to see elements that are easily overlooked, easter eggs that link to other parts of Knott’s haunt history, and of course how this maze and it’s ghastly inhabitants even connect to the wildly popular Ghost Town Alive offering which just ended last summer.