I love Get The F Out. I never know what to expect from them, but they constantly blow me away. A few years ago, we reviewed their first escape room, THE VIRUS, and lauded it because of its many innovations (and incredible VR intro). Not too long after, we played their mini-game at a convention, and fell in love with that as well. Since then, Bob Glouberman and his team have gone on to do much more: Amazing Race events, immersive escape rooms at Flappers Comedy Club, and more. So of course, when they announced their latest escape room, THE EXPERIMENT, I was excited.

We teamed up with our friends over at My Haunt Life this weekend to play it, and let me just say this: wow.

I went into the room mostly blind, not really knowing what the story behind it was. I know a “Dr. Elias” has been creeping around Facebook lately, chiming in and posting some pretty morbid things. Further investigation showed that he was the man behind this so-called experiment, so I was intrigued even more.

We arrived, and were greeted by Dr. Elias’ assistant. We were told this was a study into human relationships; how people react in situations, and how they may help (or not) each other in said situations. And of course, the best way for the good doctor to observe this type of behavior was with this “escape room phenomena”.

So, herein lies the first ‘twist’ of the room’s story. With a name like THE EXPERIMENT, I had just assumed it would be another medical / clinical based room, much like THE VIRUS. Boy, was I wrong. I won’t spoil that surprise, but when I finally laid eyes on the room itself, it was nothing at all like I expected, and it absolutely stunned me, in the best way possible.

From there, the room just continued to lay out its story, filled with twists and turns around every corner. I was constantly surprised with where it story went, and was incredibly pleased to be along for the ride, all the way up to the closing moments. It was very effective, and great to see a really layered story on display.

But, as great as the story was, it wouldn’t be nearly as effective if it didn’t have fantastic puzzles as well. And trust me, it absolutely did; every single puzzle in the room was unique in its own way. Did it have some combination locks? Sure! What room doesn’t? However, these were minor compared the incredible, complex, and exceptional puzzles that littered the room. Get The F Out upped the ante again, and absolutely surprised me with some things I had never seen done in escape rooms before. There was one puzzle that had me literally going “HOW DOES THIS EVEN WORK?” because of how cool it was.

Set design and technical aspects of the room were top-notch as well. Again, not to spoil any story surprises, but the sets looked and felt authentic to what they were supposed to. Partial credit goes to Sinister Pointe for this, as they helped bring it together for Get The F Out. Some of their technical effects here are pretty awesome, and made me want more.

There is even a bonus “easter egg” puzzle within the room, for those who are feeling extra adventurous. Though it has nothing to do with the main story of the room, it’s fun diversion to sidetrack players who want an little extra challenge (along with a pretty sweet bonus prize if you complete it!).

Seriously, THE EXPERIMENT was tons of fun and very innovative. We need more rooms like this, because Get The F Out continues to set the bar high for immersive, escape room entertainment. Team HorrorBuzz / My Haunt Life managed to set the record for escaping the room AND getting the bonus easter egg in record time, the only team to do so thus far.

THE EXPERIMENT is only slated to run for 50 shows…which means you better get your asses in gear and get there now. Trust me when I say you will be kicking yourself if you miss out on this incredible room. Fingers crossed that the Get The F Out team extends the run, but better safe than sorry…

For more information, and to buy tickets, visit them online at: http://www.getthefoutroom.com