It’s not often that I encounter a convention that successfully intertwines the two things I love the most, Halloween and Family. Midsummer Scream has time and time again proved that it’s not all about the screams. Our kooky, spooky and rambunctious kids had an incredible two days wandering around the exhibit hall and sitting in on panels.

I spoke with several first-timers who were appreciative of “Pixie’s Pumpkin Patch”, the area dedicated for children but adults appreciated as well. This year they stepped up their game and had a variety of activities at the tables. Once at the tables, it was hard to get our kids away from the Frankenstein Boxes they decorated, coloring pages, free face painting and shows.

It was a place to stop and rest, regroup and catch Buster Balloon being swallowed by the “Blob That Ate Everyone.”

Last year we loved watching his show and this year the kids just about lost their minds when they saw that he was there. As always, his show combines magic, comedy and humor that entertains everyone in the crowd.

Beyond Buster Balloon, we also caught the folks from “Nocturnal DesignZ ” who demonstrated some gory makeup geared towards kids. It was a great idea for kids not only to be exposed to special FX makeup but also helps those children (and some adults) who are fearful have a better understanding of the phrase “it is just make-believe.”

Once we got out of Pixie’s Pumpkin Patch there were many vendors with children’s apparel. Onesies, toddler t-shirts and accessories like bows and headbands. It wasn’t just one booth, either. I was impressed with the selection and quality of products this year from the vendors. There are times when I am at similar events and feel like I am in the middle of a yard sale. This is NOT the case at Midsummer Scream!

Even 10 year old Chloe got in on this tremendous opportunity with her “Vault of Doom Slime.” Chloe, with some help from her family, worked for about a month preparing enough slime to appease the masses at Midsummer Scream. Business was booming for her!


Beyond the exhibit floor, the best thing we saw at Midsummer Scream was Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater. The oldest and longest running children’s theater brought a sampling of their “Halloween Spooktacular” to the convention. The seats were filled with families and attendees of all ages. For years I have been wanting to check out these puppets but never had the chance. Now, my kids are begging to go to the theater and we are making time in our schedule to check it out!

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Even the Hall of Shadows, which grows bigger and better every year, had more to offer for kids of all ages…if they were brave enough to enter! Stay tuned for an up-close look at the “Decayed Brigade” sliders.

As a family who attends a lot of conventions, we do realize that not every aspect is going to run perfectly. The folks at Midsummer Scream are still working out some kinks which come along with dealing with the record numbers of attendees. People need to realize that conventions almost always means long lines. Whether it’s getting into the con, waiting for popular merchandise or waiting to get into a panel; lines are a part of the convention experience. Bring snacks, bring sunscreen, bring something for the kids to do and enjoy the adventure.

We are already excited to see what next year brings. The Gold Bat Pass is recommended and worth the value. Yes, you’ll still have some lines but I got into every panel that I wanted to see! If you are on the fence about whether or not Midsummer Scream is a good fit for your family outing, what are you waiting for? Grab those tickets when they go on sale and enjoy the frightfully fun weekend!