The 2014 thriller The Visitant is a haunting tale fictionalized from actual events, and the sequel ReVisitant promises even more chills!

In the origin tale a fake psychic, Samantha, is still dealing with the death of her husband when she is haunted by a “visitant” – a supernatural being.

The film opens with a disturbing scene of a woman behind a closed door who is obviously being tortured and tormented. The woman eventually seeks the help of Samantha, a wannabe actress working at an amusement park to pay bills. Suffering her own emotional distress on this, the anniversary of her husband’s death, Samantha is closing up when the frantic woman shows up begging for help with her “visitor”.  Samantha agrees, but in the process sets off a series of unnerving events that spiral out of control. The Visitant is a creepy story that settles into the spare room of your mind and won’t move out.

The original film is available on YouTube – watch it and get ready for ReVisitant!

This past July I had the opportunity to visit the set of ReVisitant to watch filming and chat with producers.  The Visitant – and some elements of ReVisitant – are based on actual experiences of producer Lisa Enos Smith. While Lisa was working on The Ghosts and Legends of the Queen Mary, she felt hauntings in the ship and believed she brought one home. In an online interview, she recounts several experiences that watchers of The Visitant will recognize from the film.

Based on her experiences, fellow producer and director Jon Binkowski and Stephen DeWoody created the storyline for The Visitant.

In ReVisitant, Lisa takes on more than just the role of producer – she stars as Leslie, a mom trying to protect her children from the entity that now has attached itself to her. I watched the filming of a scene in which she flees to the home of a friend, believing she can outrun the demon. I later learned that part of the scene – where a dog seems to react to an invisible force – was one that had happened in Lisa’s own life during the time she experienced her paranormal activity.

ReVisitant continues the thrilling story of The Visitant, and features a strong female cast and a storyline that emphasizes the importance of women working together.  See the trailer below, and watch HorrorBuzz for the full review after release!