And so it begins…San Diego Comic Con 2019. It’s the start of a wonderful time in downtown San Diego. On Wednesday morning the streets didn’t seem any more congested than normal but that all changed by the afternoon.

Wednesday night marks the first “unofficial” start of SDCC. It’s a sampling of what is to come.
Preview night brought in attendees, vendors, exhibitors and artists from all over the globe. The streets one by one closed down. Only buses allowed in front of the convention center, Fifth Street is closed off to vehicles and several side streets barricaded off for the impending crowds.
A steady stream of people filed into the convention center Wednesday evening. One by one their RFID badges bleeping, the anticipation of what was in store was palpable. Within mere minutes the exhibit floor was filled.

There were lines around each corner, several fun cosplayers and all of the goodies at the fingertips of anyone ready to shell out the cash. Let’s not forget about all of that SWAG!

Preview night has always been the time to grab those exclusives and to get a good lay of the land. Tonight was certainly no exception. It’s always hard to make note of where your favorite booths are but thankfully we have our handy-dandy smart phones to help with that dilemma. As always, do not wait until Sunday. The very thing that you have your eye on just might be gone by the time you come back!

If you didn’t get preview night badges, never fear! We still have four days left of SDCC! Stay tuned to Horrorbuzz to see what is happening in and around the convention.

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