Prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen, everyone’s favorite Creep is back and ready to crack open another terrifying comic book. Starting September 26th, 2019  Shudder releases “Creepshow.” It’s not a reboot nor  a reimagining, this is a continuation of George Romero and Stephen King’s horror classic.


Greg Nicotero brings a new assemblage of stories ready to scare you out of your mind with some familiar faces along the way. Joe Hill comes full circle as he began his Creepshow journey when his father suggested that Romero cast Joe as “Billy,” the horror comic loving kid who offs his dad via voodoo doll for taking away his comics. Now, 39 years later, Hi is a contributor to the new Creepshow series on Shudder.

creepshow panel

Along with returning cast member and beloved horror actress Adrienne Barbeau, San Diego Comic Con welcomed Giancarlo Esposito, Tricia Helfer and DJ Qualls to a ballroom filled with horror fanatics. The cast shared many on set experiences such as the time constraints of filming 12 stories in 6 episodes. The problems that arise with budget constraints like Tricia trying to film carefully in a white blouse. Unlike big budget projects, wardrobe and sets have a one time use. You get it in the first shot or you have to figure out how to work around it.

creepshow panel

Purists can be rest assured that this newest “Creepshow” has the approval of Tina Romero (George Romero’s daughter). “Dad would be so proud,” she told Nicotero. There are several nods to Romero and the original Creepshow in this series. Keep your eyes peeled for the marble ashtray that was in the original Creepshow.

Starting in September and just in time for the Halloween season, Nicotero brings fans all the classic tropes of horror released one week at a time on Shudder with Creepshow!