Cult-Tastic: Tales from the Trenches with Roger and Julie Corman, is a brand new series from Shout! Factory TV; one that delves into the cinematic history of the Corman film catalog, as well as highlighting many trail-blazing additions from the indie filmmaking sphere. Over its 13-part span, secrets of the strange and macabre will be revealed about the life and vast catalog of work between Roger and Julie Corman.
The Cormans draw upon their vast filmography and footage from over 130 films spanning seven decades. Within each episode, the legendary filmmakers share insightful stories and defining moments from their movies, recall talent and young filmmakers they fostered, as well as provide behind-the-scenes perspectives on how they produced some of the smallest budget films that went on to achieve box-office gold.

Cult-Tastic joins an extensive collection of Corman cult classics available across Shout! Factory TV’s platforms, including Battle Beyond the StarsCaged Heat, and The Slumber Party Massacre, and will not be one to miss out on viewing. The digital entertainment streaming service is set to launch this original docuseries, created and co-produced by Ashley Sidaway and Robert Sidaway, on November 15th on Shout! Factory TV’s Amazon Prime Video Channel. Cult-Tastic will also be available for streaming via Roku Premium Subscription.