Gamefairy is set to reveal the second limited edition, Gamefairy #002: Vambrace: Cold Soul for Nintendo Switch! The limited edition of the beautiful and icy adventure game for Nintendo Switch will be available at a quantity of 2,500 units via

At an SRP of $49.99 (incl. VAT, plus shipping) the edition will include the Nintendo Switch cartridge version of the game coming with a large quantity of high-quality goodies such as a reversible alternative cover, the soundtrack on CD, a Lyric Keychain, a gorgeous 60-page art book, and many other neat surprises.

More details on the pre-order date will be revealed soon!
Check out the store page here!

Gamefairy is only manufacturing a limited amount of 3,000 units of Vambrace: Cold Soul. 2,500 of these will be available on their online store while stocks last. The remaining 500 units are dedicated to press & giveaways and will be sold during gaming events and exhibitions.

What’s in the Box?
Limited to a fixed quantity* of 3,000 units!


A physical copy of Vambrace: Cold Soul for Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch original game case with reversible cover art Inlay
A high-quality Collector’s Box
A cute PVC keychain of the game’s main character, Evelia Lyric
A “Welcome to Icenaire” Coaster
Vambrace: Cold Soul Original Soundtrack CD + a 16-page Music Booklet
An amazingly illustrated 60-page Artbook
An individually numbered Buyer’s Certificate
Gamefairy Collector’s Stamp #002**