After a highly successful season of creepy goodness with HAUS OF CREEP, JFI Productions has surprised us all with a brand-new show announcement that is sure to please those with a penchant for bellbottoms and disco.

It’s called NIGHT FEVER, and it is coming our way across four separate dates: February 13th & 16th and then March 26th & 29th.

What is it, you may ask? According to the show description:

It’s 1977 New York. People of all races, classes, and sexual identities wait behind a velvet rope to get into the wildest, hottest underground dance club in the city. A glitzy world of spinning lights and pounding disco beats awaits them inside, as well as a cast of colorful characters eager to meet a stranger on the dance floor or a lover in the shadows. Drinks are flowing, wild secrets are being shared, and things are getting dark and dangerous backstage… Light up the dance floor, be whoever you wanna be, and come back to a time when anything could happen.

Harking back to a time when disco reigned supreme, NIGHT FEVER brings audiences right back into the 70s, replete with drugged-up starlets, sultry dance numbers, flowing cocktails, and party monster club kids. JFI invites guests to come outfitted in the fashions of the 70s, escape for a night, and live out their wildest (and darkest) fantasies on the dance floor.

It looks like JFI Productions is really letting guests take the reins a bit here, allowing them to “become” somebody knew and really get into character. The lines will blur, it seems, for sure, and that is very exciting!

Though known for their incredible Halloween shows, JFI Productions seems to be taking a new direction here, and I am very excited to see it. In my eyes, they can pretty much do no wrong…every show has been a smash hit since 2015.  With this re-imagining of LA night life in the 70s, it certainly looks like a brand new type of show from them.

There are two ticket types for the show: general admission, which allows you access at 10PM, or early entry, which gives you an extra hour to mingle with the characters.

Tickets are now on sale at: