Today Netflix announced that production on Stranger Things Season 4 is now underway. What’s more, we have the return of Hopper. Yes, with the urge to “…pray for the American.” we get a glimpse of the snowy exile that has befallen this character. We also get an idea of the growing scope of the storyline, along with what is obviously a hefty production budget.

“From Russia With Love…”

Hopper is imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will reportedly face dangers both human…and other. The season will split time between his storyline with what is happening back in the states as a new horror is beginning to surface. Of course, this is something that has been long buried and something that connects everything.

With an expanding story and the continued popularity of the hit Netflix series, we can almost call it a sure bet that the franchise will return to the popular Halloween Horror Nights events at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando. Of course, NOTHING has been announced yet, but it is getting to be about time for them to announce something major like that as last year’s announcement hit on March 27th. Too soon? No, not soon enough. How long until Halloween again?