It was recently released by Capcom that Resident Evil Resistance will have two new masterminds. These two well-known villains known for inducing sheer twisted fear in Resident Evil are none other than Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer. These two powerhouse villains will complete the team of masterminds as they join in on the devilish fun with previously announced newcomer Daniel Fabron and infamous Annette Birkin. Together with their unique set of horrific abilities, they will continue on the Umbrella Corporation’s insidious experiments.

Resident Evil Resistance Alex Wesker

Like every fiendishly clever girl, Alex Wesker attains her hidden agendas through indirect means. As anyone fit to be a mastermind, she enjoys the mental terrors and experimental trauma suffered by her subjects. With the ability to manipulate the map, Alex is able to use enhanced zombies and roadblocks to slow down the survivors. Thus using traps becomes more of her go-to playstyle. Alex doesn’t stop there, no. She has a deadly ace in the hole tucked away. When Alex is done toying with the survivors, she’ll introduce you to Yateveo, a murderous plant that has a taste for flesh. Yateveo may have a fixed position, but placed just right and it will be hell for the survivors to make it out in one piece.

Resident Evil Resistance Ozwell E. Spencer

Allowing others to get their hands dirty for him, Ozwell E. Spencer has been a shady underhanded antagonist in the Resident Evil series. Taking on a more directly involved approach, Ozwell torments survivors with Umbrella’s cutting edge technology, relishing his position as one of the founders and the fourth mastermind. Deciding to take his own route when it comes to the suffering and misery of the survivors, a field of disintegration is generated that will critically damage any survivor who helplessly passes through. This is unlike his other mastermind companions who summon bioweapons that can be controlled.

Masterminds and survivors will have two new maps to battle out their wits, as shown by the newly released artwork by Capcom showcasing the new areas. One of the new maps is based in an abandoned casino. What was once a thriving place of entertainment for thrill-seekers, is now a deserted land of preserved chaos. A ghastly tale of desertion during the collapse of Racoon City becomes a perfect place for devious masterminds. The next newly added map is none other than a long-forgotten park themed to bring your deepest nightmares to life. Only this time the nightmare fuel is alive. Zombies and bioweapons wait in the darkness for anyone daring enough to stare death in the face.

Resident Evil Resistance Becca Abandoned Park

Masterminds have the ability to summon wicked creatures, set traps, change the environment, and weaponize security cameras in Resident Evil Resistance. Their goal is to create a deadly course by using a cunning deck of cards to prevent survivors from escaping. Survivors, on the other hand, must turn to their special abilities and items found along the way. These are used to overcome the mastermind and escape the experiment before time and your life expires. 

On April 3rd, 2020, Resident Evil Resistance will be included with Resident Evil 3. It will be available for the PlayStation4, the family of devices for Xbox One which includes Xbox One X, and Steam. For more information visit