Hospitals naturally radiate a sense of uncomfortableness and deep-rooted fears and dread. Toss in vengeful spirits, horrific experimentations and twisted minds obsessed with the occult, and you’ll find yourself running to your momma to kiss your boo-boos all better. This hospital filled with nothing but the darkest nightmares is the perfect setting for Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient.

Corpse Party

Taking place 5 years after Corpse Party: Blood Drive, in Corpse Party 2, you play a high school student named Ayame Itou. She awakes in an eerie hospital, seemingly abandoned, strapped to an operating table. As she manages to break free, she begins to explore finding the hospital mostly empty and left in a chaotic and unruly state. Ayame soon realizes that she has amnesia and has no recollection of her identity, past or how she got in the hospital in the first place. She is only able to recall very little when presented with certain items or people that trigger brief moments of memory. Ayame is left to her own devices to figure out her story and how it all ties in with this hospital of unrelenting nightmares and the devious mastermind pulling the strings.

Dead Patient is a chibi-anime styled RPG text-driven (with Japanese voice acting) survival horror. This game comes in chapters with only chapter one and a bonus chapter being currently available. Along the way, you solve minor puzzles to progress while exploring the hospital and doing your best to avoid the monstrosities contained within. The enemies are in a fair amount and spread throughout the hospital. Despite their type, they retain mostly similar qualities. Once they spot you, they will then begin a pursuit. If caught, you will receive damage. Avoiding damage from enemies is fairly easy with three different ways to do so. One of the ways is to hide in one of the many closets spread throughout the building. Another way to deal with the terrors out to snuff your life is to pick up items to use as a distraction or you could simply just run past the enemies. If you decide to run, however, pray that you don’t get hit or grabbed! Ayame can only take one hit! If you’re not healed up after taking damage, it will be endgame if you take damage again. Corpse Party 2 will leave randomly generated items such as cans for distractions and bandages for healing. They are never in the same place twice, so you’ll never know where supplies will pop up.

Corpse Party

Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient is very gruesome and graphic, even when you’re staring directly at something that would normally make the heart go “Aww”. The atmosphere and sound are very intense despite the appearance being more on the cute side of things. This caused a great amount of paranoia while attempting to progress. The story at surface value comes off as a very typical story, but as you make your way through, its horrific secrets are unveiled. Even though this storyline is technically a stand-alone, small little tie ins to the previous games have made their way into Corpse Party 2. There are two different endings in this game for chapter 1 and it is worth a second playthrough. Each branch provides an altered storyline and treats you to a more in-depth look at the story as a whole.

There is no simple way to make the game display in a full-screen mode. This definitely makes it more challenging to get pulled into the game and makes it easier to get distracted. The couple of boss battles presented in this game are interesting in the way you go about to defeat them, but it was a simple and repeated mechanic that made the experience kinda dull. Also with no sign of chapter 2 being made, it leaves to question if it’s worth getting involved with this part of the series.

Corpse Party

Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient is a very dark and twisted story with an abundant amount of graphic gore and nightmare fuel. It is a great horrifying playable visual novel with multiple endings and small tie ins with previous releases. It even comes with a bonus chapter to sprinkle in even more to the story. The lack of full-screen is slightly annoying but is very minor compared to what you get out of the game. The bosses can be a bit of a bore, but again, the rest of the game is enough to keep your interest peaked. Even though there is no sign of chapter 2, Dead Patient is not only worth a playthrough, but a second playthrough to gain more to the story. All in all, Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, left me dead and impatient for a chapter 2 release!

Final Score: 8 out of 10