Budfoot is a Stoner Short with Lots of Psychedelic Effects

This is what happens when special effects get cheap and simple enough that anyone can use them.

So stoner toymaker Joe (Skinner) — that is, Joe is a stoner, and he makes stoner toys — is working on his newest prototype, the titular Budfoot (Henry Zebrowski), a three-eyed, skull-faced yeti made out of weed. Like ya do. There are some toxic solvents involved, a good deal of weed, and some purple lightning that gave me flashbacks to Color Out Of Space.  And, yadda yadda yadda, the doll comes alive.

Now, this isn’t the taciturn Zuni fetish doll from Trilogy of Terror, oh, no. It’s a wise-cracking, Cali-stoner Tyler Durden, come from the world on the other side of the imagination to set Joe free from the shackles of mediocrity by helping him get out of his own way. The door to the imagination is in his brain, you see. And that’s the problem. Opening the door isn’t going to be very good for Joe’s noggin. So most of this short film is Joe, streaked with day-glo paint, chasing a little fuzzy green doll through his seedy blacklit headshop backroom of a studio, while the Budfoot tries to crack open his skull.

So, is it real, or a hallucination?

Honestly? Who the f*** cares. This could have been an amusing music video (the music is done by Where.Are.We and Electric Wizard) or an Adult Swim bumper, and that’s good enough for what it is, and hey, it has some funny moments and the psychedelia is pretty cool. But I am not the intended audience here, clearly, and even if I were stoned I think I’d roll my eyes through this film.

And I don’t feel bad saying that because I can easily picture the makers agreeing with me and thinking that’s just hilarious.


Rating:  4.20 out of 10 Tokes Over the Line

Runtime:17 minutes
Directed By:
Written By:



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