At this time of the year, haunt fans are usually hearing the first announcements from the major Halloween attractions coming later in the year. However, with the recent Covid-19 pandemic and numerous public events canceling left and right, it leaves us wondering, “What’s gonna happen for Halloween 2020?” It’s a great question and one that Fear Factory in Salt Lake City, Utah is willing to address right now as they gear up for their annual Halfway to Halloween event on May 29th and 30th.

A pared-down version of the autumnal nightmare that is Fear Factory, their Halfway to Halloween event will attempt to explore what scary fun may be like in the age of Corona. A number of precautions and state-mandated safety rules are being put into action including timed entry into the haunted maze, a drastically reduced capacity, and the reduction of actors in the walkthrough itself. Guests will also be required to wear safety masks while on the property.

That’s not to mention the safeguards they are putting in place to keep the actors happy and healthy as well. According to Co-Owners Heidi and Rob Dunfield, careful consideration has gone into making sure the monsters are scary, yet non-transmittable. At the beginning of each shift, the actors will have their temperatures taken before being allowed on the property. Actors will then apply makeup and get into costume keeping the normal 6 feet in between one another. PPE Face masks will be worked into the costumes for each performer either covertly or otherwise. It will also be required that actors stay at least 6 feet from the guests.

Why do this? Sure, haunt fans are chomping at the bit for an escape from the real horrors they see every day. So it’s obvious there is maybe a market for it. The answer is really as much about R&D as it is giving the fans what they want. Below we interview with the folks responsible for this fantastic haunt, and the reasons behind forging ahead with Halfway to Halloween. We are joined by General Manager Spencer Terry and Co-Owners of Fear Factory, Heidi and Rob Dunfield. Their two-day trial may be our first glimpse at what Halloween 2020 may look like.

What are your thoughts here? As a haunter or Halloween fan, would you or will you be attending Fear Factory’s Halfway to Halloween event? With the precautions mentioned would you feel safe?

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