A brand new horror podcast, that Debuted May 8th on Anchor, Spotify, and Stitcher, is the spooktastic new horror radio anthology, IT LISTENS FROM THE RADIO. From the mind of Brendan Haley, and guest writers Michael Herman, BJ Colangelo, and Daniel Montgomery, this frightful radio series takes listeners on a cast-recorded ride through the paranormal terrors of the 1950s. Made entirely in quarantine by artists all over the US, the show proudly features various musical talents, and promotes small businesses impacted by COVID-19. How cool is that?

In the pilot episode, It Listens from the Radio follows a malevolent entity from another dimension as it takes up residence inside a vintage radio set; surfing the waves in search of new listeners to feed on. Along the way, it stops by a blood-filled amusement park, a bordello of Satanist drag queens, and a bowling alley in a hairy situation. Featuring original theme music by Matt Reilly (Avril Lavigne), sound mixing by Dru Phillips (Dead For Filth), and exclusive artwork by Brendan Haley (HaleyDoodles).


Episode 1: There’s Something in the Radio (5/8/20)

A quiet night at home for Robbie and Vera Parker turns insidiously inter-dimensional when an unexpected visitor arrives.

Episode 2: The Blood Circus (5/15/20)

Far off the beaten path from Lover’s Lane, Nancy and Thomas explore the infamously abandoned “Blood Circus”. But they aren’t alone.

Episode 3: Bedded By Beelzebub (5/22/20)

A bordello filled with drag queen Satanists might just throw a wrench in the master plan of two infamous criminals.

Episode 4: The Teenage Werewolf vs The Kingpin (5/29/20)

This local bowling alley is headed for a truly hairy situation when all-American dad, Rick Swagger, goes head to head with the town Kingpin.

Episode 5: Witch House (6/05/20)

Nobody’s ever dared spend a whole night at Witch House, that’s why the ambitious Simon plans to be the first. Along for the ride is his latest squeeze, Randy who hates all things spooky.