Before all this craziness happened, Los Angeles was a town booming with immersive theater business. Unfortunately, COVID-19 cut short a lot of productions that we were looking forward to, but I was lucky to catch WHERE THE OTHERS ARE, from E3W Productions just before it had to close early. I found it to be an incredible intimate and emotional experience, ranking among some of the best Los Angeles had seen (read my original review here!).

The only downside was that not many people were actually able to experience the show, which is a real shame because of how amazing it was. But the enterprising folks behind E3W Productions thought ahead, and just days before the shelter-in-place orders came through, they managed to pivot back to their indie horror movie roots and film the entire experience.

And now, lucky readers, you are able to experience it from the comfort of your own home…and couch! Starting this Friday, 5/22, at 9AM PST, you will be able to rent this filmed version of WHERE THE OTHERS ARE. And just what is the show about?

A desperate plea from an old friend brings you to the doorstep of her neglected trailer. She’s finally ready to leave her abusive husband, and she wants your help. But he may not be what he appears to be. And her problem may be beyond human comprehension.

Where the Others Are welcomes you into a 1980s Airstream, where something otherworldly is brewing between the couple who lives there. Step inside Ben and Maggie’s strange and surreal world and witness the unexplainable, as they confront questions of existence, connection, identity, and meaning – within themselves, within their marriage, and within the claustrophobic confines of their vintage RV.

Honestly, this is a wonderful idea. Due to having to shut down early, this show did not get to reach the audience it deserved, but E3W wants the world to experience it in some form, and if this is the only way to do it for now, it’s well-worth your time. Especially because it is only a fraction of the cost of what it would have been to see it live, at only $16. Which, to be fair, is only a small fee to help to pay back lost production expenses from the unexpected shutdown.

Again, you can find the filmed experience starting Friday, 5/22 at:

Check back Friday for our review of the filmed experience, along with an interview with the production team on how they pulled this off!