We live in a streaming world, but the DVD is not dead! There’s something to be said about opening that plastic case, popping the DVD out, and firing up the ol’ Blu-ray player. In keeping with that tactile spirit, Mongol Films has partnered with Bayview Entertainment, who has dedicated themselves to the classic DVD distribution format, to release much of the Mongol Films catalog in U.S. markets.

Mongol Films is a production company dedicated to supporting and distributing Mongolian film and media, aiming to create and build a strong relationship with the international film industry. And Bayview Entertainment is a media company that focuses primarily on acquiring, developing, producing, marketing, and distributing content on physical media in addition to streaming platforms.

The two companies have collaborated to gather and distribute a collection that covers a wide array of genre films. War, Love Club, Double Crossed, Life, The Last Princess of Royal Blood, Ten Soldiers of Genghis Khan, and Story of Us are a just few of the titles included in this release.  So dust of your DVD players (or go buy one for like $15 on Amazon) and get ready because these great Mongol Film titles are coming your way soon! For more information about Mongol Films, check out new films, and to view the full catalog being released, head to the Mongol Films website or Facebook page.