There’s a major milestone on the horizon for Image Comics as they prepare to release issue #250 of Savage DragonSavage Dragon was one of the first series ever released by Image, debuting alongside Spawn and Youngblood. Erik Larsen, the CFO of Image, has been writing the comic for 28 years! Now, ahead of the July 15th release date, Image has announced that legendary artists Walt Simonson (Thor), Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows), Ryan Ottley (Invincible), Rob Liefeld (Deadpool) and Skottie Young (Middlewest, I Hate Fairyland) will all contribute to the cover art for Savage Dragon #250. They’ve even revealed 3 of the variants for the . Check these out:

In my humble opinion, one of the coolest things about comics is seeing different artists’ takes on the same characters, and that’s on full display with these dynamic covers. Note that these are only the beginning, as there are a total of seven(!) cover variants coming to comic book shops Wednesday, July 15. They are as follows:

Savage Dragon #250 cover A by Erik Larsen (Diamond Code DEC190056)

*Savage Dragon #250 cover B by Frank Cho (Diamond Code DEC190057)

Savage Dragon #250 cover C by Rob Liefeld (Diamond Code DEC190058)

*Savage Dragon #250 cover D by Walt Simonson (Diamond Code DEC190059)

Savage Dragon #250 cover E by Skottie Young (Diamond Code DEC190060)

Savage Dragon #250 cover F Blank Sketch variant (Diamond Code DEC190061)

*Savage Dragon #250 cover G drawn by Erik Larsen, inked by Ryan Ottley (Diamond Code FEB209190)

*seen above

Having never read the series, it’s tempting to jump in and catch up on the exploits of The Dragon as he approaches the 250 issue milestone. We don’t have a true synopsis on the next arc, but Image did have this to say about the direction of the book: [Savage Dragon #250] is a sweeping culmination that sets the stage for the next phase of comics’ most uncompromising series with its most shocking story yet! Forces have conspired against Malcolm Dragon and his family—but is this a turning point or…THE END?!

Savage Dragon #250 will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including the official Image Comics iOS app, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, ComiXology, and Google Play.