AHOY Comics, the publishers of Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror and Billionaire Island, have announced that they intend to dub June 16th Dragonflyman Day! The newly minted holiday is meant to coincide with the release of the trade paperback edition of Dragonfly & Dragonflyman, the five-issue prequel to AHOY’s series The Wrong Earth.

“The idea of dedicating an annual day to a fictional masked crimefighter is so unprecedented, so unheard-of, that it takes all of AHOY Comics’ courage to even suggest it,” said Tom Peyer, author of the book and AHOY Editor-in-Chief. “Yet suggest it we must, for it’s about time we honored something as important as a comic book hero, maybe with a flyover, or people going out to their balconies to applaud.”

But wait, you aren’t familiar with Dragonflyman? The character originated in the series The Wrong Earth, for which AHOY supplies this succinct synopsis: On one world, Dragonflyman and his sidekick Stinger enjoy a life of adventure. On another Earth, the Dragonfly hunts criminal parasites like a lethal exterminator. But what happens when these two heroes change places?

The prequel series for which the holiday has been invented provides a glimpse into the lives of the er…Dragonflymen? Dragonflymans? Prior to their trading spaces. I hadn’t heard much about the series until now, but the strange meta concept sounds like a lot of fun and I’m intrigued, so I suppose marketing did their jobs well. So, how do we celebrate Dragonflyman Day?

“We urge fans, comic book retailers, and people all around the globe to find their own ways to celebrate this most momentous occasion,” said  AHOY Comics publisher Hart Seely. “Plan a coordinated release of a thousand dragonflies into the sky from the safety of your backyard—or create your own parallel world alter-ego from household items like sponge cake, papier machê, or those pants with the button you’ll never wear again! There’s no limit to the ways you can safely observe this historic day.”

Dragonfly & Dragonflyman will be available in comic stores on June 3rd and bookstores on June 16th.