Fans of Frostpunk have been waiting in suspense to learn what the third expansion in the season pass is, which was mysteriously named Project TVADGYCGJR. Now, this final piece of the story is revealed to be On The Edge, set after the savage Great Storm.

Synopsis: Frostpunk is a survival game, where the player acts as the ruler of the last city on Earth. The ruler makes decisions for its citizens and the survival of the city itself, but what kind of ruler will you become in the process? Developed by 11 bit Studios, this final expansion will close out the story of the entire Frostpunk universe, with On The Edge set to release this Summer 2020.

Not only does On The Edge introduce a whole new story to Frostpunk, but it also adds some new features, including:

  • A brand new story scenario, set after the Great Storm
  • An array of challenges to overcome on a new, desolate map
  • Unique mechanics to utilize on the Frostland view

Review of trailer: This trailer is incredibly vague, showing a vicious blizzard, with the phrase “They say that the snow is dead. But we’ve learnt to the contrary” narrated. Developers say that more details will be revealed closer to the expansion’s release, so until then, we can all wait with bated breath! This expansion is highly anticipated, and with good reason.

Frostpunk: On The Edge will be available on PC and consoles where Frostpunk is already available.

Currently, you can purchase the base game on its own for $29.99 on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

On Steam, to own On The Edge as well, you can purchase the Season Pass for $34.97 (though it’s currently on sale for $22.02) which includes On The Edge, as well as the other two DLC’s, the soundtrack, and the digital artbook. Or, you can choose to purchase the Frostpunk: Game of the Year Edition, which includes Frostpunk as well as the additions listed above, for the price of $64.96 (currently on sale for $46.30).