Monstrum 2, set to launch towards the end of 2020, is officially available for pre-purchase, and for Closed Beta testing as well! This multiplayer survival game is a 4v1 style gameplay, where each player chooses to either be part of a team of stranded prisoners trying to escape an abandoned sea fortress, or a horrifying monster with goals of hunting them down.

No matter which side you choose, they both have their own benefits and playstyles.

As a human prisoner:

  • Use teamwork to complete puzzles, clear obstacles, and unlock new areas.
  • Scavenge items that can help you exploit the environment and outwit the monster.
  • Stay stealthy by using hiding spots and distractions to your advantage.

Or…as the monster:

  • Master different monsters and use their unique abilities to hunt down the prisoners.
  • Smash through walls, climb on ceilings, leap across distances, or teleport to your prey. Each monster leverages the environment in unique ways to ambush unsuspecting players.

Every time you play, the layout, puzzles, obstacles, and everything else completely randomizes, providing a different playing experience with each match. The trailer shows exhilarating gameplay as humans run through the fortress, and a demonic creature crashes through walls to ambush the players.

The first installment of the series, Monstrum, was released in 2015, just two years after the developers, Junkfish, has formally established in 2013.

If you’re interested in signing up for the Closed Beta for Monstrum 2, you can do so at this link ( ) to get more information. Or, you prefer to pre-order it, you can do so at the same link, and also reap the benefits such as a discounted price, bonus content, and early access to the game. Any fans of multiplayer horror games will find themselves drowning in hours of matches, trying new strategies as they sneak around and try their best to escape the nautical dungeon.