Production on the indie film project The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot vs. The Lesbian Warrior Nuns of the Great White North has been put on hiatus amidst competition from a multi-million dollar property from Netflix and Emerging Allegations against Attached Actor Ron Jeremy. The horror action-comedy was to begin filming in November of 2020 but has faced mounting difficulties from different sources. The allegations against Jeremy were the proverbial nail in the coffin.

Just after news broke of the allegations of one of the potential stars of the film, the production team at The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot vs. The Lesbian Warrior Nuns of The Great White North issued a statement.

“We in no way condone any actions that involve illegal misconduct, including assault of any type, and we sincerely hope that all parties involved find a resolution to these circumstances,“ offered the film’s producers in an official statement delivered today.

“Prior to even hearing about the news we had decided to delay the November shooting schedule on the film due to budget concerns and funding issues brought about by the emergence of competitive properties such as Netflix’s “Warrior Nun”. It was inevitable that comparisons between the two pieces were going to cause confusion and thus negatively impact our ability to fund the feature. The decision to revisit our schedule and the project in general was communicated to the cast and crew prior to us releasing our intentions publicly on social media yesterday, the 22nd. I’m sure, however, that today’s news would have also resulted in a similar conversation. Our priority is to ensure that our cast and crew is not only comfortable, but that we are providing them with an environment that fosters mutual respect, professionalism and, above all, safety.”

The film, which was slated to shoot November 2020 is now on hiatus.