If restrictions have taught us anything about creative people, it has shown us that they are exactly that. Much like the Hayes Code that restricted what could be seen or said on screen, the current pandemic has restricted filmmakers, forcing them to produce entertainment in new and inventive ways. However, unlike the 1930’s we currently have the technology to do a heck of a lot more while physically separated.

Today it was announced that 3 Keys Media & Flick Fanatics Audio developed a feature-length story that they could shoot under strict social distance/precautions related to the pandemic. HACKED was written by Matthew & John Festle, Directed by Matt Leal & Matthew Festle. The film also stars Matthew Festle, Jackson Turner (Jason Thunder: Legends), Shawn C. Phillips (Dead Ant, YouTuber- Coolduder), Alan Maxson (Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Blade The Iron Cross), & Thom Mulligan (The Witching Hour). While the film is currently getting finished up, we have the trailer here now for your enjoyment. A release date is expected for end of the summer.

Synopsis: Michael and Darren have a very successful true-crime podcast. But when trying to get one of
their biggest guests yet turns into a bizarre obsession for Michael, the lines between nightmare
and reality begin to blur.”