Presented by a film team named Creepypizza on YouTube and written/directed/edited by Michael Davis, It’s Here is a short that smartly uses the limits of quarantine to create a video call based horror. Starring a small cast composed of Meganne Kocher, Molly Souza, and a creepy creature, It’s Here teases the question — who wants to answer the next call?

True to their channel name, Creepypizza produced a short featuring a creature that is like any of those found in creepypasta internetz folklore. These creepypasta-type creatures seem to be dependent on some social outlet to both keep their legend alive and to inflict pain, and much like the premise of something like Stare (2019) or Ringu (1998), It’s Here depends on one calling their friend for the curse of the creature to spread. Unfortunately unlike the Ringu legend, there seems to be no escape from the monster in It’s Here even if one spreads awareness of the monster, making its legend even more deadly.

Late one night, a crying girl video calls her friend claiming to have no one else to call. Having found a weird journal a week ago, the girl tries to draw attention to a supposed drawing in the journal, however, the page appears blank to the friend. Suddenly, the call is dropped and worried about the girl, the friend immediately calls her back. Somehow the call is picked up, and she sees that her friend is no longer alone, accompanied by a terrifying creature.

Perhaps the most infamous creepypasta character is Slenderman, and this creature in Creepypizza’s It’s Here seems to take a page from that classic character, aesthetically, featuring long slender fingers and a white face. It’s reveal is done perfectly, with anticipation and suspense being built with vague references from the hysterical friend and a well-placed dropped call plot point. With every knock on a door in It’s Here my heart also started pounding, and the choice in sound and camera angle for the climax produced an excellent jumpscare — be sure to have your volume turned all the way up on this one for the best effect!

According to the YouTube page for It’s Here, the film snagged the Best Horror award at the 2020 Vegas Movie Awards, and after watching the film, it is not hard to see why — it is scary, it is well shot, it is well-acted, and it is very well edited. Though the writing had some very minor muddling of plot direction with the story’s Necronomicon-like book aspect, It’s Here is a great creepypasta style horror short — if only the monster had a name! To watch It’s Here, click here.

MOVIE RATING – 7 out of 10



Directed By:

Michael Davis

Written By:

Michael Davis