Film festivals have had to adapt in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to bring the festival experience home. In the spirit of continuing to honor safety and security measures that presently come with physical exhibitions and large gatherings, a collective online initiative is being launched by several American genre festivals for the upcoming fall season to offer a singular experience for U.S. audiences. Together the Boston Underground Film Festival (MA), Brooklyn Horror Film Festival (NY), North Bend Film Festival (WA), the Overlook Film Festival (LA), and Popcorn Frights Film Festival (FL) will join forces for the creation of NIGHTSTREAM, set to run from Oct. 8-11.



The individual film festivals will collaborate on the NIGHTSTREAM feature film line up. These films will also be featured as an official selection of each festival entity. The short film programs will be individually curated by each individual festival, in addition to a full slate of live events and panels taking place over the weekend. The lineup is expected to be announced in late September.


Proceeds from the event will be shared with all the participating filmmakers and artists. Additionally, donations will be made on behalf of each associated individual festival to charitable causes and local businesses in their home cities. Earlybird Badges for the festival are now on sale, and NIGHTSTREAM will offer two options for badges: a five-film bundle and ten film package, priced at $55 and $90 respectively. Each badge will also grant unlimited access to live events and panels.


NIGHTSTREAM will be geo-locked to the U.S. and hosted on Eventive, which offers enhanced security features including the same DRM technology used by Disney+, iTunes, and Netflix. It will function on multiple internet browsers as well as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and other connective devices for wide-reaching compatibility so viewers can easily enjoy the festival from the comfort of their own homes.


The festival will feature a well-rounded mix of international horror, fantasy, sci-fi, vanguard, and underground films that capture the unique and defining spirits of each festival. Showcasing the imaginative, daring, and bold voices in genre storytelling, NIGHTSTREAM provides a thought-provoking and entertaining home festival theater experience for film fans this Halloween season.


For more information about NIGHTSTREAM, and to view our open letter of intent signed by each collaborating festival, please visit