Phoenix FearCon is a staple in the horror community. Bringing an eclectic variety of panels and indie films to the Southwest for years, Phoenix FearCon is switching things up a bit due to the current pandemic. In order to maintain social distancing protocols, this all-encompassing convention and film festival will be moving to an online platform with a program featuring a variety of events and films. This highly anticipated event is projected to attract nearly 1 million virtual visitors and viewers!

Phoenix FearCon Poster

The ninth installment Phoenix FearCon will go live on October 16 and continue through the end of 2020. It is a celebration of all things horror so it’s only right that it lasts almost three months! FearCon’s virtual platform will bring the audience on an exciting journey of visionary genre films from new and emerging artists. Attendees can also expect to experience panels, lectures, workshops, and demonstrations from industry pros and familiar favorites.


This year guests include Terror TV’s Jay Michaels, host of Terror Talk ad co-producer of Phantasm-Con. FearCon will feature Dacre Stoker, great-grandnephew of legendary author, Bram Stoker, as a guest of honor to discuss 123 years of Dracula, from the novel to the stage, to the screen, and all the wonder and mystery within its pages. A best-selling author in his own right, Dacre Stoker will make a litany of literary works available to the online convention marketplace, in addition to memorabilia related to the infamous vampire.

Opening remarks this year will be made by Bill Oberst Jr. (Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell) and Lynne Lugosi Sparks, the granddaughter of Bela Lugosi, the famed Dracula of both stage and screen. Ms. Lugosi-Sparks will also be joining Dacre Stoker for the Dracula panel.

The line-up of events include:

A History of Horror Series of Panels
“Through the Horror Genre” – with film & stage artists Dineta Williams Trigg & Thommi A’mal
“A Century of Stage Frights: The Grand Guignol to Modern Day Horror Plays” – with the company of spit&vigor
“A Discussion of the Dark Forces in Shakespeare” – with Jay Michaels & Rodney Hakim

An Industry Professionals Series of Events
“How to Bring a TV Series to Life” – with former EVP of Universal Television and “Bates Motel” show developer, Russell Rothberg
“How to Write Horror” – with award-winning novelists, Owl Goingback & John Skipp
“Blood and Gore” – with celebrated FX Designer Elizabeth Piper S

Techno-Terror Talks:
“Playing with Monsters: Video Horror Games” – with Patrick Hickey, Jr., author of the Minds Behind the Games.
“Navigating Slasher,” the first social media app just for horror lovers – with its creator, Damon Della Greca

Fright Fan Fun Panels:
“Collecting Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Memorabilia” – with authors/collectors Joe Moe & Jonathan Alexandratos
“Horror Fan Films: The New Evolution” – with a panel by The Horror Show with special guests: Cecil Laird, Vincente Disanti, Dave McRae, Dominic Smith, Mitch Francis, Tony Biz & Rene Rivas

Indie Filmmaking Series:
“The Horrors of Horror Filmmaking”
Panel 1: Antonie Le, director of Followed and Marcus Slabine, director of The Dark Offerings, the first horror film shot using social distancing guidelines share their journeys
Panel 2: Members of the principal cast of Followed share their observations. Included are Matthew Solomon, Sam Valentine, Tim Drier, Kelsey Griswold, Caitlin Grace; with special guest, producer Matthew Brewbaker.
Panel 3: An Indie Filmmakers Roundtable (special guests TBA)

And if all this wasn’t enough excitement, there are also performances by Fetish-oriented performance art troupe, The Agents of Lust, and Horror Host/Performer, Count Smokula. This new virtual format and lengthier run have enabled the vendor marketplace to include several international vendors, making this a truly unique and all-inclusive experience. Full information regarding films, panels, celebrity guests, and ticket purchases can be found on Phoenix FearCon’s website.