While waiting for a train all by herself in the dead of night a young lady encounters a bizarre smiling woman wearing a yellow dress. The young lady becomes more creeped out with each passing moment as the smiling woman’s weird behavior increases to the point she gives up on the train and just wants to get out of there. Smiling woman has other ideas…

Smiling Woman feels a bit generic, sorry to say. Between the situation itself, the performances, the music, and the resolution the whole thing just kind of exists until it doesn’t. If it sounds like I’m expecting the world, I promise I’m not–I just felt nothing by way of frights or emotions, really, while watching. Well, there’s actually a pretty funny moment that takes place on a stairwell but I’m not sure laughter is the goal with this. Check it out at the link below and tell me I’m wrong!


4 out of 10 Stairwell Laughs

Smiling Woman
Runtime:3 Mins.
Directed By:
Alex Magaña
Written By:
Alex Magaña


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