A woman wakes up in her tent after a solitary night of camping in the woods and immediately upon checking her phone notices several photos taken of her while she slept. Alarmed, she makes a beeline to her car while catching fleeting glimpses of a strange man stalking her from the surrounding area. 

Not Alone is only two minutes but manages to present a reasonably creepy situation, has a couple good shots, and the music works well at providing atmosphere. There’s a shot towards the end of the woman’s pristinely white BMW that may inspire unintentional laughter, only because it almost seems like a car commercial for second–”The off-road vehicle of choice for those looking to die with class.”


6 out of 10 Creepy Camping Stalkers

Not Alone
Runtime: 2 Mins.
Directed By:
Alex Magaña
Written By:
Alex Magaña


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