LAKE BODOM Starts with a Clever Premise
Every camper’s worst nightmare came true at Lake Bodom in 1960 when four teenagers were stabbed to death while sleeping in their tent. As the years passed and the case grew cold, the unsolved mystery turned into an urban legend, a creepy campfire story passed from generation to generation.... Read more
The Honor Farm is a Messy Night at Prom
The Honor Farm is a lot like night at the Prom. Filled with aspirations, beautiful to look at, but desperately grasping at profundity that never comes. Screened at SXSW this past week, The Honor Farm is the story of Lucy (Olivia Grace Applegate) and her gal pal Annie (Katie... Read more
MADRE Screens at SXSW, is One Mother of a Horror Movie
Madre follows the story of Diana, a pregnant wife and mother a severely autistic boy. After a chance encounter Diana hires Luz, a gifted Filipino caretaker to help her with her son. Martin begins to adapt quickly under the supervision of Luz. and Diana begins to suspect that Luz is using the language barrier to turn... Read more
Meditative Horror Film The Transfiguration Screens at SXSW
When troubled teen Milo, who has a fascination with vampire lore, meets the equally alienated Sophie, the two form a bond that begins to blur Milo’s fantasy into reality.   Milo (Eric Ruffin) lives in a world of hopelessly blurred between reality, aspirations, life and death. Reeling from the... Read more
No One Really Wins in this GAME OF DEATH
The highly anticipated new film GAME OF DEATH has a very intriguing premise that borrows heavily from several other films such as JUMANJI, BATTLE ROYALE and NATURAL BORN KILLERS.  Montreal based writer/directors Laurence “Baz” Morais and Sebastien Landry deliver an intriguing premise. However this and a quality music design do... Read more
Thriller MADRE to Premiere at SXSW
If you didn’t get tickets to tonights premiere screening of Aaron Burns new psychological thriller MADRE at SXSW, there are still a few chances to see it. The film follows the story of Diana Prieto (Ramirez), a four months pregnant wife and mother of Martin (Matías), who is severely autistic... Read more
Karen Skloss’s THE HONOR FARM will World Premiere at SXSW
Karen Skloss’s psychedelic teen horror film The Honor Farm will make its world premiere this year at SXSW. The film incorporates horror, coming-of-age, 80’s teen comedies and molds them all together in this brilliantly clever story about a high school girl’s voyage through young adulthood. Skloss gives a new... Read more
Alice Lowe Comedy PREVENGE to Screen at SXSW
Babies kill! That is, they do in the brand new comedy by British horror comedy from the mind of Alice Lowe (“Sightseers,” “Hot Fuzz,” “Paddington”) that’s looks as funny as it is vicious. PREVENGE follows Ruth, a pregnant woman on a killing spree. It’s her misanthropic unborn baby dictating... Read more
Breaking News about Kim Dotcom: Caught in The Web SXSW Film Festival Premiere
There have been new developments in the case of Kim Dotcom. A New Zealand judge, Monday, moved forward with Kim Dotcom and three colleagues extradition to the U. S. to face criminal charges. Dotcom has been battling extradition in a case that has been moving quite slow. Dotcom and his... Read more
Documentary Kim Dotcom: Caught In The Web On the Most Wanted Man Online World Premeire At SXSW Film Festival
The new documentary KIM DOTCOM: Caught In The Web on the Most Wanted Man Online will make its world premiere at SXSW Film Festival in the Documentary Spotlight. Directed by Annie Goldson and produced by Alexander Behse featuring Moby, Jonathan Zittrain, Greg Sandoval, Glenn Greenway, Jimmy Wales, Mike Masnick,... Read more