Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa Scary, Homegrown Fun
I have been trying to get to Busch Gardens Tampa for years to see a little something they do called Howl-O-Scream. Situated on the west coast of Florida, roughly an hour from Orlando, this lush theme park and zoo has long been celebrated for its annual Halloween event. This... Read more
REVIEW: Sudden Loneliness Gift Dealt Out MISERE This Weekend
I died this weekend. According to the obituary, I was involved in a seven-car collision on the highway, while making my way to an immersive theater production in Irvine. However, due to certain actions, my death was erased; I was given a second chance, and allowed to try again.... Read more
INTO THE BLACK Is a Beautifully Crafted Crucible of Constant Terror
There are rumors of dark happenings at the Pomona Fairplex. Some say that a wicked family has opened a door to the underworld and demonic forces are rising from the bowels of hell. Are you ready to venture forth on your own, discover the fate of the Black family,... Read more
INTERVIEW: Rogue Artists on Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin
Japanese folklore has always interested me. Long before I saw the Americanized version of THE RING, I had read the original novel, which lead me down the rabbit hole of other Japanese horror tales, which in turn, spun into an obsession with Japanese folklore overall. While I already had... Read more
Join Sudden Loneliness Gift for YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW
For the last few months, I have been involved in my own personal narrative for Sudden Loneliness Gift, the latest “season” from the folks over at Nocturnal Fandango. While I did not participate in their initial effort, Have You Seen Jake, I jumped full force into this year’s story... Read more
Knott’s Spooky Farm Delivers Tricks and Treats
Knott’s Spooky Farm has been a favorite in the Fearist household for the past several years. This year, it sure did not disappoint. It’s not just a trick or treat event, the whole farm is filled with family friendly festivities that have just the right amount of spooky Halloween fun.... Read more
Irvine Park Railroad and Pumpkin Patch Closed Due to Fire
The Irvine Park Railroad and Pumpkin patch has been a Southern California staple for years. It’s an amazing pumpkin patch with gourds of every size, color and shape. The park boasts great activities for the whole family in and around the Pumpkin Patch.  The Pumpkin Patch itself and surrounding Irvine... Read more
California’s Great America: 10th Annual Halloween Haunt
Psycho’s, Zombies, and scares… OH MY! Well, here we are my HorrorBuzz fam. Halloween season is in full swing, and nestled in Northern California’s Bay Area lies the 10th Annual Halloween Haunt at California’s Great America! Did I say 10th?! Yeah, you’re not seeing things. For a decade, Great... Read more
Improved Parking Options at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor
We love The Queen Mary’s Halloween Offering, Dark Harbor. This is an event built from sheer passion that rises from the murky depths to terrify haunt lovers from around the world. Since this venue enjoyed a renaissance when the Dark Harbor team came aboard, the event has gotten bigger,... Read more
Review: WATER AND FIRE Was A Gift From Sudden Loneliness
I have wanted to write up some thoughts on Sudden Loneliness Gift, the latest narrative from Nocturnal Fandango, for some time, but for reason I couldn’t find the right words to express myself. That’s not to indicate that they are doing anything bad in any way. It’s just that... Read more