REVIEW: SWEET DREAMS Are Made Of This In Shine On Collective’s Latest Show
What kind of a hero are you? What story is this? These are the questions asked by Shine On Collective in their latest show, SWEET DREAMS. This story began during the Hollywood Fringe Festival back in June, where a young man named Phillip was searching for Rose, his lost... Read more
Shine On Collective Gives Us SWEET DREAMS
I dreamed of her again. That’s what brought me here to begin with: the dreams. They came and went, and I thought nothing of it. Until I saw that ad on Craig’s List…someone looking for dreamers. Dreamers like me. I met him in Hollywood the other night. He was... Read more
Shine On Collective Invites You To Have SWEET DREAMS
Last year, the Shine On Collective blew us all away with The Truth, their debut, immersive show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Since then, they have taken us on a wild ride through the instability of a young woman’s love and into the wilds of Irish folklore. This year... Read more
Shine On Invites You TO THE WILD
One of my favorite things last year was pretty much all of the shows that Shine On Collective put on. From their debut during the Fringe Festival to my strange relationship with Cara, they came out of the gate swinging and really changed what immersive theater is in my... Read more
Shine On’s DEVOTED is Immersive Theater at its Best
Love makes you do weird things. Like lose your senses. Go against your better judgement. Or even find yourself looking for a note underneath a tree on a busy street in Los Angeles…as I was last night. This was how I started the fourth and final section of the... Read more
Cara is Devoted to you in Forever from Shine On Collective
The well-dressed man looked me dead in the eyes, a hint of malice in his otherwise cheery demeanor. “Do you know what love is? Do you love, Cara?” I stood in the middle of a parking lot, life going on around me on all sides, while this scene unfolded.... Read more