Ken’s Gateway Scares – ABC After-school Specials – Timer
“Yikes I’m in Uncle Carl’s mouth…” “I’d like you to meet Sadsack, the air-sack…” (who’s dying b.t.w.) Once again I am forced to question what the adult educators and television producers were ingesting in the 1970’s when I was growing up.  But under the guise of edutainment ABC networks... Read more
Ken’s Gateway Scares – Bob Baker’s Marionettes
I’m going to put the video up front this time.  It’s a Marionette show from one of the undisputed master troops in the world, and it was also the source of one of my first chills up the back jump scares… When I was a kid growing up here... Read more
Ken’s Gateway Scares – Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles
And so the Impossibles, ordinary singing group, become the Impossibles crimefighters in the war against crime… There is a joy and beauty in the timelessness of cartoons to a child.  By the time I was growing up in the 70’s, I had no idea that so many of the programs... Read more
Preacher Goes All Valero On Us
The church is under siege by Quincannon, Eugene comes back from hell (and yet…?), Fiore and DeBlanc try yet again to capture Genesis, and Tulip adopts a big ol’ bloodhound (heh). Let’s explore this crazy episode and see if we can make sense of it all. Episode 8: El... Read more
Hell Town by Debbie Rochon Available  August 23
Steve Balderson’s Horror Soap Opera Hell Town Presented by Scream Queen Debbie Rochor Available on Cable VOD and Digital HD August 23 From Gravitas Ventures Gravitas Ventures has announced the August 23rd Cable and Digital HD release of Steve Balderson’s festival favorite Hell Town. Presented as three episodes of a sadistic twist on... Read more
Son Of Monsterpalooza Attacks September
Monsterpalooza’s offshoot fall event, SON OF MONSTERPALOOZA, the fall’s ultimate monster show, returns to The Marriott Burbank Convention Center this September 16-18, 2016, with celebrity guests, presentations, amazing artists, unique vendors and exhibits! Since its inaugural event in 2009, MONSTERPALOOZA has become internationally known as the place to be for fans... Read more
HorrorGram: Horror Nails
Why not. By now you should know I’m pretty eclectic. No facet of horror get’s a blind eye here, no sir. And like any red blooded American man or woman, I do love me some head and back scratches. So, what if your favorite big screen slashers, or silver tongued... Read more
Horror History June 20th
Hello, hello! It’s time, once again, to take a look at the important dates from the years over that have helped shape horror as we know it today. There are some heavyweight happenings to go over, so bite down on that mouth piece and tuck your chin because this... Read more
Australia’s Monster Pictures Secured Rights to Cannes RAW
During Monster Pictures market outings to secure films for their Monster Fest 2016 they managed to secure the rights to Raw, french director Julia Ducournau’s feature film debut. Raw is about a vegetarian who takes a dark turn following a carnivorous college hazing ritual. RAW will be joining the list of films... Read more
Zombie Joes Audition Notice, Brave The Dark
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre is one of our very favorite places to catch live performance. There is an audition coming up for a very special show that could be your chance to join this elite troupe. The award-winning avant-garde ZJU Theatre Group is casting for “BRAVE THE DARK”. This... Read more