Death Waltz’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Vinyl Is A Damn Fine Record

Death Waltz’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Vinyl Is A Damn Fine Record

Most people don’t care much for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Released in 1992, it was made for almost $10 million, but only brought in a paltry $4.2 million. Time has been slighter kinder to it, as it hovers around the upper 60s on Rotten Tomatoes. This prequel/sequel/mind bending trip of the popular series was for hardcore fans only, it seemed. But because it was mostly forgotten by people, the best part of it was also forgotten by many…until now.

Lucky for us, that best part, the music, has been rereleased on vinyl by Death Waltz Records.

Angelo Badalamenti has never really set the world on fire with his other music, however, when it comes to his work with David Lynch, it’s widely known. Fire Walk With Me’s music won’t ring many bells with those who have ingrained themselves with the show, but it’s still an enchanting score that will haunt your dreams.

I had recently revisited the series, awaiting the new episodes later this year, but had not yet made the leap to watch Fire Walk With Me again. However, once Side A of the first record began to turn, I was instantly taken back to the last days of Laura Palmer.

There are 12 tracks spread across two records, and all sound as amazing as I remember them to be. Badalamenti’s music is like a dream come to life, whether it’s a pleasant one or a nightmare. The brooding chords of some of the music will take you back to that isolated town and yearning for a damn fine cup of coffee.

Badalamenti not only arranged the tracks, but he also provides vocals for two of them: “A Real Indication” and “The Black Dog Runs at Night.” He does a fine enough job, but I did feel as if the other vocal tracks, from Jimmy Scott of “Sycamore Trees” to Julee Cruise on “Questions in a World of Blue”, did a much better job.

However, there is no bad aspect to this entire album. In fact, I found myself listening to it again, as soon as its first rotation was complete. The remaster, done by Tal Miller of the Warner Archives, was approved by Badalmenti, and it makes me yearn for more.

Even the artwork is great, with art from Sam Smith and a design by Jay Shaw. Even the vinyls themselves are works of art, both coming in a cherry pie color to really bring you back. Both are 180G, so they sound incredible.

This really is a damn fine release, and one that fans of the film (and the show) are sure to appreciate.

Be sure to pick up your copy today over on MondoTee’s website.

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