Hell’s Kitty Claws Its Way to VOD With Horror Royalty Along For the Ride

Hell’s Kitty is a comedy horror series based on the true life events of Nick, a Hollywood writer, and Angel, his possessed and very possessive pussycat.

Hell’s Kitty is what happens when writer-director and actor Nicholas Tana is able to talk all of his friends in the industry to make appearances in his pet project. Tana stars as Nick, a down and out Hollywood writer who is having a particularly tough time with love. It seems his cat, Angel, is determined to step between her human and any other woman that gets near him. What has gotten into Nick’s pussy? That is the question as we are witness to a parade of horror icons who make cameos throughout the sometimes funny horror comedy.

Told in flashback, Nick sits recalling his tail of woe. Between the occasional visit from his neighbor Adam and the normal Hollywood hijinks that ensue, the signs of trouble are almost unnoticeable at first. It isn’t until a fateful visit from Grandmother Kyle, (Lee Meriwether) and her fortuitous encounter with the feisty four-legged demon that there are indications that something could be wrong.

At every turn, Nick’s kitty attacks every woman that makes an advance on him. There’s Ms. Rommel the dominatrix (Nina Hartley), therapist Dr. Laurie Strodes (Nina Kate), and Lindsay (Ashley C. Williams). All of whom are shredded to bloody ribbons of flesh by lil’ Angel. People start turning up to look for the dead who died at the paws of the evil house pet. There are Mrs. Carrie (Adrienne Barbeau) looking for her daughter, and Detective Pluto (Michael Berryman)  investigating a murder. It becomes clear that there is something paranormal happening and Father Damien (Doug Jones) arrives with Father Blatty (Bill Oberst Jr.). Yes, folks, the jokes are that broad and they don’t get any better.

Originally shot as a web series from 2011-2015 Hell’s Kitty is made up of all 19 episodes. The story hits some lulls here and there as more jokes fall flat than not, yet you can’t help but notice how much fun everyone seems to be having doing their parts. Still, judging it strictly as a feature, the piece could have used some judicious trimming. The seams between episodes are noticeable and the collection of them never really coalesces to create a greater sum.

Unlike the title monster, this is a harmless bit of frivolity featuring actors and writers you know or should know, all of whom should be getting much more work than they are now. The amount of idle talent on display here is staggering. Can we please see more Barbeau and Berryman? It was lovely to see Jones come out from under the layers of makeup and see him just be a goofball for a little while. This is definitely some inside baseball filmmaking. Here’s to hoping this gets seen at the right party, with the right amount of booze or weed, and contracts are signed on some new project for a bunch of the people involved.

Hell’s Kitty arrives March 13th on VOD

Hell’s Kitty
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