There's something about the cheap, low rent escapism of pulp horror that sets it apart from the "high brow", not

THE ART OF PULP HORROR Feels Like Walking Through a Museum Exhibit on the Strange and Macabre
by Kyle Holl September 23, 2020

A new book on one of the most prolific writers in horror is arriving just in time for the Halloween

by Kyle Holl September 17, 2020

Unknown 9: Genesis is an oddball title-- it's the first released piece of media in a developing story universe spanning

UNKNOWN 9: GENESIS Opens the Door to a Thrilling New Multimedia Story
by Kyle Holl September 16, 2020

If the shambling gait of a zombie is just your speed you may want to take a look at the

GMO-Based Horror Comedy Novel SEEDS OF THE DEAD Available Now!
by Kyle Holl September 15, 2020

Noah Jackson and his undead orphan cadre find themselves at the center of a government (and potentially celestial) conspiracy in

TROUBLE IN UNDEAD DETROIT Thrives on its Entertaining Protagonists
by Kyle Holl September 9, 2020

The Gray Man of Smoke and Shadows is the sequel to the previously reviewed Butchers and is the second novella

THE GRAY MAN OF SMOKE AND SHADOWS Delivers on Action but Stumbles in Plot
by Kyle Holl September 2, 2020

THE KILLING JAR Suffers From Pacing Problems and Thin Characters

August 26th, 2020|Comments Off on THE KILLING JAR Suffers From Pacing Problems and Thin Characters

The Killing Jar is a neo-western horror graphic novel set in backwoods Colorado which follows Anna, an orphaned young woman still reeling from the loss of her father and left to care for her younger [...]

SEQUELLAND Explores Creativity, Passion, and Perseverance

August 19th, 2020|Comments Off on SEQUELLAND Explores Creativity, Passion, and Perseverance

Sequelland is a collection of 11 interviews with filmmakers who've had the chance to work with beloved horror franchises-- in most cases to ill effect.  Interspersed with these interviews are Jay Slayton-Joslin's essays on the [...]

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